Thursday, 22 November 2007

How quickly things change

I started this week really miserable, but now I am happy.
I started this week not knowing where I stood with Skipper.
I started this week flat broke.
I started this week in floods of tears.

I went to the gym on monday with the idea of working hard at getting rid of my frustrations.
While I was there I discovered that my hard work has started to pay off I had lost 2.5lb in a week.
I text Skipper to find out where I stand. He made it clear that he does want to be with me. He has some important things to sort out first.
I managed to find enough money to get some electricity.
I managed to make DC realise that he must pay me back the money he has borrowed.

As the days have passed Skipper has been texting me allowing my confidence in him to grow.
Today my boss called me into the conference room to tell me that I shall be getting a pay rise in January. I am also getting a bonus in my November pay. You have to be there for a year to get the bonus but they decided to give me a bonus anyway. My boss also said that I am worth more than the job I am doing. (I knew that, which is why I had said I would only do it short term). This gave me the courage to say that I am now ready to work full time if she wanted to consider me for the sales job. I said I think I could do it, she said she knows I could. I have to hand in my CV, but she said the other applicants just have admin background not sales. My advantage being that I have been working for the sales team and picked up quite a lot as I have gone along.

While I was feeling pleased with myself I got an unexpected phone call from a man with a lovely gentle voice. which reminds me I must get offline as I ahve a date with that voice and my bed.
goodnight xx


Wild Catz said...

:o) x x

Simple Mindz said...

awesome news!

Miss Understood said...

Looks like it's good news all round! I'm really pleased for you:)

her indoors said...

so pleased things are getting better for you x

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

ahhh, so THAT's why you didn't post your food diary last night! ;P

DJ Kirkby said...

Very happy for you!

Pixie said...

can't wait for details now on gentle voiced man.
Really hope this upward trend is going to stay around for a bit you so deserve it.

Emma said...

What a busy week Lady, it's sound like you might be starting a new phase, hope you get the job and one of the deserve it..xx

having my cake said...

Well done on the bonus and the payrise x

Anonymous said...