Wednesday, 14 November 2007

getting it together

well I managed to stock up with food. It cost more than usual because I am on a fat free diet. The food I need costs a little more than I had been buying, but hopefully it will not only help me to lose weight but get the boys into better eating habits too. I even bought a pack of cous cous which I have never previously wanted to try. I don't know if I will like it but unless I try it I won't know.

This afternoon I had an appointment to see my GP about the gall stones that were found when I had my ultra sound scan a few months ago. My GP says that 15% of people have gall stones with no ill effects so unless they become inflamed and cause me pain they are not worried. He also confirmed that my last set of blood tests had been much better but as one of my kidneys was slightly inflamed when I had the scan I need to have yet another blood test in the next couple of weeks. We discussed my migraines, he was concerned that my HRT might be making them worse but I assured him that if anything they have improved in the last few years (less frequent).

Tonight I am off to watch my boy get his GCSE certificates at a special presentation night. While we are there ET has gone with friends to another college open evening. Obviously I couldn't go with him this time. It is times like this when being a single parent becomes so difficult, not being able to be in two places at once.

Since I saw Skipper on Sunday we have been texting each other intermittently every day even whilst at work. We have also chatted on msn and phone mmmm that gets very hot. Today he text me asking

'when are we going to get together and where'

Now I know he has said that he is looking for a long term relationship but I want to be sure that he isn't just after one thing. I have made it clear more than once that I am not looking for casual sex. so I am not going to just hand it to him on a plate.

'If you are lucky I might allow you to take me out at the weekend'

'if you are lucky I might be free'

' :-{ I am never lucky'

lets see if he misses me this evening whilst I am out. I shall text him to say that I am going out and turning my phone off.

update : OJ got an award for coming top in the whole school for his maths GCSE. After the presentations the head of the maths dept stopped OJ, he said that OJ got 400/400 in his final maths exam which is something he has never seen anyone do before.

Now I feel such a bad mother. I turned my phone off for the presentation and forgot to turn it back on again. ET was phoning me for a lift home, he had been walking for hours from one campus to another and back again. He collapsed on my bed saying his legs ache so much he cant walk any more. He had hoped I would give him a lift back from the station about 1 1/2miles uphill.


her indoors said...

oh do you know jelly babies are fat free? full of sugar mind, but fat free!
glad things are improving for you

Emma said...

Glad you went to see about your gall stones and that all is well.

Phone sex eh? It just me makes me laugh even trying that one...xx

DJ Kirkby said...

You are not a bad mum, there is not enough of you to go around! Your boys will appreciate that when they become parents but not before. Is it my lunch cous cous recipie you mention? Want me to email you the recipie? xo

DJ Kirkby said...

P.S. Well done to OJ, you must feel so PROUD!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

You are on HRT? You know, this can make it hard to lose weight, but not impossible. If the HRT is giving you migranes,then you may be on the wrong dosage, and can also be affecting your weight. Once they get you on the correct dosage, the weight will shift easily. And DON'T listen to her indoors. Jelly babies are NOT on the menu! lol

nitebyrd said...

Congratulations to OJ! Well done!

You're not a bad mum, walking is good for children.

Hope you'll have a great weekend. ;)

Chopski said...

Fuck I was supposed to buy jelly today!

Cous cous is great if you add lot's of flavour to it or it tastes shit!!

I've finaly completed your 8 task thing.

Pixie said...

bad mum..... NO NO NO! like the rest of us your're just doing your best and somedays it actually comes together! Well done to very clever son.

Lady in red said...

HI I am told I mustn't listen to you.....I used to give my football teams jelly babies at half time to increase their energy levels.

Emma yes he says I'm not to worry, how are yours? phone sex is not something I indulge in often, like you it makes me laugh.

Lady in red said...

Dj yes that would eb good if you could email me the recipe, and yes I am proud. I love all my boys to bits but he is extra special.(not that I would ever let on to them).

Vi I am on combines oestrogen and progesterone, I ahve been on this dose about 2 years now, it hasn't made my migraines any worse than before, if anything I get them less frequently than I used to.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I just discovered that you finally got started on your blog well done. the last time I looked it was just the title.

lol at walking being good for them. From what I gather he must have walked at least 8 miles last night.
He assures me he doesn't think I am a bad mother because of that...he thinks I am bad for feeding him veg.

chopski your 8 passions are hilarious

Pixie thank you has your first day of freedom been?

Fat Controller said...

Well done to OJ, you must be really proud!

Of course you're not a bad mum-you're there for them when it matters. Aching legs have a remarkable power of recovery!

If you do buy jelly babies then make sure you get little boy ones-you get that little bit extra!

Lady in red said...

FC lol at boy jellie babies ahem I would like to point out that with boys you only get one extra bit, but with girls its two and they can be very generous in size too!!

somebody said...