Tuesday, 20 November 2007

At least I tried

I think I gave Neptune a chance to show me that he could be the one

He hasn't taken it.

Since his computer broke he has been quite slow to take things any further.

He text me on sat 10th nov I replied twice but got no response.

He text me on 15th nov I replied but got no further response.

He text me on late on sat 17th Nov. I replied I told him I wished I had someone to snuggle up to. No response.

Monday 19th Nov I emailed him. No reply.

What is the matter with the man??

Either he wants to meet me or he doesn't.

I give up!!


RONJAZZ said...

Yes, honey, it's time. Move on. He believes he HAS responded to you. He doesn't get it. And that's the way he treats all the women in his life.

You can do MUCH better...move on...

Lady in red said...

I have now received a reply to my email merely stating that he still doesn't have a computer at home and is using the one at work.

maybe he can only afford 2 text per week, but a telephone conversation !.....wow would that be too much?

I don't need that which is why I have stopped initiating contact.

Anonymous said...

you do pick em.... sorry love charlie

having my cake said...

Bloody men! Dump him now. You're better than this x

cheekyfaces said...

Move on hun'....plenty more fish in the sea.....and some of them are Salmon!

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...



Emma said...

What is it with men? Tony was like that to start with totally full on and I was backing off, as soon as I responded he backed off...arghhhh..xx

BBC said...

Assuming that he works five days a week he has plenty of chances to email you from work. And on the weekends he can find plenty of computers to use. Piss on him, move on.

When I get interested in a woman I send her lots of emails everyday, seven of them today. And if she happens to read this comment she will agree with me.

Anonymous said...

Move on. You can find better.

Lady in red said...

charlie you seem to be commenting more lately. yes you are right I do seem to pick them badly.

cake, cheeky and Vi yes quite agree.

Emma I just hate when they do that

bbc is there any chance that she might?

tec I am moving on although I shall continue to be friendly

Lady in red said...

I was just thinking how funny it is that forest and I are communicating well now that we are just friends again. ind you he still isn't being totally honest.

Anonymous said...