Tuesday, 13 November 2007

getting money

Today I had to borrow money from Posh Bird for petrol so I could get home from work and get back again tomorrow. Today I had to ask OJ to use his money to buy some basics like milk and potatos so that I could feed my family. I hate that I have to do this. DC still owes me more than half of his keep for this month plus petrol money and last weeks loan installment, £170 in total not including all the food hes eaten etc. He made the stupid mistake of thinking he could buy a new guitar for £500 with the money he was selling his Guitar amp on ebay for (£400). Silly idiot did it the wrong way around. He bought the guitar before he got the money for the amp (2 weeks before). so hes been short of money for two weeks. He now has the £400 but its in his paypal account and takes a few ays before he can access it from his bank account. Next week he is going on a 10 day tour with his and two other bands. I just hope he gives me the money he owes me by friday.

SF came round earlier to hand over a suit he is lending to OJ for his GCSE Presentation tomorrow night. He also gave them some end of date cakes. He told me he would give me some money on thursday. I asked him if this would be in the morning or evening. So he says when do I want it. Now I just have to tell him I have nothing now and had to borrow money for fuel and food. So hes walked to cash point with OJ and JA to get my money......yet again its only £100!!! thats equal to £25 per child for a month!!!!!!!!!!!

no wonder he can buy them things for birthdays and christmas.

so now I am going to Asda to buy some food!!


Emma said...

They do get off lightly these men..arghhh...just don't be tempted to borrow out of the petty cash..lol..xx

toby said...

'scuse me, this is a quick test comment to see if it's accepted! Seem to be having problems at the mo! :)

toby said...

Sorry about that. Must be a glitch at my end.

Hope DC's investment pays off. OJ has my sympathies - middle kid picking up the tab; I know how that feels.

nitebyrd said...

I'm sorry about this, Lady. I really do feel for you as I have the same problem at times. I hope and pray constantly that the situation will improve for all of us.

Anonymous said...