Sunday, 4 November 2007


After the high I was on the other day I feel a bit flat now.
My weekend has been fine, there have been no disasters. Just a normal weekend really, not much happening.
I went to the murder mystery evening on friday. It was fish and chip supper whilst the various cast members moved from table to table so we could ask them questions. I went with OJ and JA also my mum and her friend, Bananas. Mother had brought some non alcoholic wine for the two of us to drink and cola for the boys. Bananas had a bottle of red wine. My boys had their first taste of red, OJ who never touches alcohol at all thought it was ok but didn't want much just a 1/4 of a glass. JA didn't like it much thank heavens. I have never taken to red, much preferring white but I agreed to try the red and it was better than I remember but I still only had 1/2 glass as by the time I was ready for more Bananas had not only finished the bottle but was scrounging from the next table. At the end of the evening we all had to stand by the person we thought had committed the murder. JA myself and Bananas all thought it was the dodgy junior solicitor, mother thought it was the smarmy 'Uncle' Tom and OJ thought it was the widow (Lady Muck). As it turned out the senior solicitor who was about to read the deceased (Lord Muck)'s will when he died. Had been killed by blows to the head. These blows were administered by both the junior partner and the honerary Uncle. It wasn't certain which had struck the fatal blow. So we were all right except for clever cloggs OJ who for once in his life got something wrong.

saturday was very quiet, I had a nice lie in then exchanged a few emails with various friends. Posh Bird asked if I would feed her cat as she was going to be away until sunday afternoon. Then I went shopping again to get more of the things I need in order to do this new eating regime properly. I have now stocked up on more of the items I didn't have before. I can't remember when I last bought pesto or mixed herbs to go in my home cooking. My mentor in this diet is managing to do something that neither my mother or SF ever managed to do.......shes turning me into a housewife aarrgggg. I even made home made potato and leek soup today. I have remembered though that there are three reasons why I ahve not done this before. I am too lazy to stand preparing fresh food every day. It cost more to stock my cupboards up. I need more space to store everything I need for all these recipes.
I exchanged a few text with Sammy on Saturday.....he says hes been very buy but life will get back to normal after tuesday. He said he would try to get online on sunday night. No sign of him yet and its 11.22pm.
I have heard nothing at all from Neptune since his text on thursday night even though I replied on friday morning. He had said that he would not be able to use computer until he gets back to work on tuesday but he didn't say he wouldnt be able to use his phone either. I know I could text him again but why should I put in more effort if he isn't doing the same. I had thought that he might want to meet over the weekend as he hadn't said he would be busy.....oh well its his loss.
I text swinger on saturday while I was shopping......I don't know why I often get the urge to text while I am food shopping. I was just testing to see if he is still using the same mobile number as before. he replied that he is but he was suprised I still have the number. Thats when I told him I only delete the numbers of people I have forgotten and he is not forgotten. I have not heard from him since.

Its funny all this time since he did his vanishing act at first I hurt, then I just worried about him. I didn't think about him too often as the months passed. It was as though he was a favourite possession that has been put on a shelf not forgotten but not often looked at. When I first got that first email, I was shocked and had to read the name of the sender several times before it sank in that it was him. My first thought ........Omg its Swinger......hes still alive then which made me happy. then I emailed him and we exchanged 4 or 5 very brief emails over about an hour. It was later that the feelings I had had for him began to flood back. I still have a photo of him by my bed. I hadn't looked at that photo for months, but I held it to me before I fell asleep. In the morning as I gazed at it again it was as though my body remembered him. He was the first person to tell me about the alternative use of an electric toothbrush. oon I found myself in need of mine but that was soon discarded in favour of fingers. fingers which had not been put to use in this way for a while.

Over the past couple of days so many things have come into my mind, things I had completely forgotten about until now. When I was removing the black nail varnish from ET's fingers (halloween party last night) I remembered that swinger likes the smell of nail varnish. I remembered too that he likes motor sports. I remember the car he drives, the fact that he goes commando. He prefers to drive the back roads to using the motorway. I remember what he said when I told him I had a puncture when I was driving at 80mph. He loves DIY( he was going to fix my mum's plumbing until he got sent away). Mostly its the little insignificant things I am remembering, things that I had forgotten I knew.

today I took OJ to get his new rail ticket as finally his EMA went into his account this weekend. then we went shopping again!! He needed to buy a birthday present for SF (54 yesterday). He had told me what he wanted them to buy him. Ha ha OJ is the only one with any money so that means I have to stump up the rest. He also decided to buy himself a new dinner plate and bowl that none of the others are allowed to use. He's fed up that its always me and him that do the washing up and the others just leave theirs in the sink. So hes bought his own set. then after the shopping I went up onto the hill to take some photos. I had been saying that I want to get a decent digital camera so tht I can take better pictures especially of the views that I see every day. This morning out of the blue DC asked me if I wanted the camera he had won at work a couple of months ago. at the time I had said he could give me the camera as he hadn't paid me even half his rent money. But he had said he was going to sell it on ebay. He had bought himself a good camera a few months earlier.
difficult to believe these two photos were taken from the same spot within minutes.