Monday, 12 November 2007


My mentor suggested that I try eating bananas for snacks as they are filling but not full of calories.

Bananas, Bananas to that I can only say ewww bananas.

I don't eat bananas

for several years the very mention of bananas would send me into fits of giggles.

when I was a shy and innocent 18 year old I had just begun to date an older man of .......20, we both belonged to a social club. One night not long after we started dating we were at a social event, there were various party games. we were volunteered to take part in one of the games as a couple. there were 4 couples, the men were stood on chairs with a peeled banana between their thighs.......yes I am sure you have guessed it. this game was a race to see which female could eat her partner's banana with her hands behind her back. I don't think I came last which is amazing in itself.

Afterwards our friends all said they bet that had put me off bananas. Not at all, I hated bananas always had done. most foods that I don't like, I find it is because I don't like the texture. With bananas I can't abide the smell. I can eat slices of dried bananas no problem but fresh ones no way. so of course for a long time everytime anyone said bananas I just fell about in a heap of giggles. My family of course knew this so my brothers took great delight in saying bananas at every possible opportunity.


George said...

Ah bananas ... I remember a number of girls who used to practice oral on bananas ... some were more successful than others

Vi vi vi vooom!!!!!!!! said...

Get some more grapes then. Freeze them, then they are like little ice lollies. Unless of course, somehow that reminds you of something naughty as well!

her indoors said...

mmmmmm bananas love them grilled on toast!

Miss Understood said...

Banana sandwiches. Banana with milk and sugar. Banana fritters. Yummy!

I thought bananas were really fattening because they are so high n carbs? May be wrong though!

somebody said...