Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Out of the way it's an emergency

Why is it that in a building the size of the warehouse where I work the Ladies washroom is so far away. All the offices are on the first floor. I say first floor but it is higher than the average first floor. the Ladies washroom is not only on the ground floor but at the far end of a corridor.

I assume that there must be washrooms somewhere in the warehouse itself for the people who work there, but I wouldn't know where to look.

Today was rather manic, with having to get all the orders placed before I arrived at work on the system before 10 am when the new price increases were due to take effect. Being the first of the month we always have an increase in orders anyway. However despite this for various reasons I felt as though I was running the sales office alone. Bob was there helping out at the start and end of the day but BG was working on a special project, this left myself and a new lad. Being his 3rd day in the job no one could excpect him to take orders over the phone or deal with the other day to day things. But all credit to him he could see that there was too much for me to do alone so he did his best to help. I have been showing him how to do some of the easier tasks. It is not my job to train him but as we sit opposite each other it is easier for him to ask me questions. So today I ahve been trying to do two peoples work and train 'The Lad'. there were times when I had no idea what I was doing as I seemed to be in the middle of half a dozen things at once plus answering The Lad's questions.

By the afternoon I was just bursting to get to the ladies but I had a couple of urgent orders that had to go to the warehouse plus I had to find a sample to post off. I knew I didn't have a lot of time to get the urgent order downstairs to WM, so I did this as quickly as I could. But on the way back I just knew it was getting urgent that I got to the ladies. First I had to make my way from one end of the warehouse to the other then up the stairs (in effect two flights) walk through the office. As I passed our desks The Lad was saying 'just the person' I had to tell him to wait as I burst through the door and fair flew down the corridor much to the amusement of the receptionist of the building before I could go down the other double flight of stairs and race along the corridor. Bursting into the nearest cubicle, trying to keep my legs crossed as I hauled up my skirt and fumbled with my lacey briefs........why can I never get them down quick enough in an emergency?

ahhhhh what a relief when I finally managed to flop down onto the seat.

By the time I got back up the stairs to my desk both the landline and the sales office mobile were ringing, there I was apologising for doing deep breathing down the phone. Only to be told not to worry, keep breathing deeply and I shall have to phone up more often.

At 4.58pm the phone rings (one of our regular customers who just like LV likes to place at least one order every week).

'Is it too late to place an order what time do you finish for the day?'

'4.30, yes I know its almost 5'

We made an agreement that he will phone again at 8am tomorrow, as I was just tidying my desk to go home The Lad went out the door. It wasn't until he had gone that I realised there was work all over his desk so I spent the next 20 minutes sorting it out so that the warehouse staff have some orders to collect first thing before we arrive. I finally left work at 5.25 having been there since 7.45.

So now I am shattered and its time to play being Mum's taxi again.
does anyone else have such a problem where they work?


cheekydani said...

I work at home so don't have that loo problem when I am home, but I often have to go out and see clients and have found myself searching for toilets in the most interesting of places at times! So in that way yes! As for working long hours, hell yeah. But that's the nature of working for myself so I accept it fairly ungracefully ;)

DJ Kirkby said...

You've just described one of my worst nightmares! Luckily in the place I work there is a loo on the same floor as my office.

nitebyrd said...

Yes, LIR, I used to have that problem. I feel your pain. Not only with the faraway loo but with putting in a full day at work only to put in another full day at home.


Giggle! said...

*GiGGLeS* Oh that's ridiculous!!! My dunny is less than 30 seconds away and I still have to run!

You might have to start carrying around a bucket with you my lady! :-P xx

Mel said...

Why is it, when it's urgent, that trouser buttons don't wanna unbutton?

Just askin'....

And nope--there's plenty of ladies rooms within close proximity...however--for some ungodly reason, they're being USED when I need them most.


Trixie said...

The problem I have with my job, is I don't have a toilet in my car! lol. I have to ask to use a clients loo about every 3rd client, cause I get given a coffee nearly every stop!

Rae!xx said...

At the moment I do yes, because I am trying to get a project live by the end of this month and the workload is horendous.

Security where throwing me out again tonight and will probably do so tomorrow.

I have never been one of these people who just flies out of the door anyway I always have to finish what I am doing first...you seem very much like me LiR I am sure we would work well together...xx

Anonymous said...