Monday, 21 July 2008

another one down

A little over a month ago I left work on time for a change and headed west along the motorway, going several junctions past where I usually turn off I came to the junction nearest to my destination. Crossing over the motorway the turning left past the place where I did some temping as a receptionist in 2006/2007 the same place where I wrote this story during the quiet times. Along past the fast food outlets on the right before turning left again to re cross the motorway. At the next traffic lights turning left again twards the hotel where I met HMU 18 months ago. we are still friends and exchange advice on regular intervals although not as often now as we were. It is also the same hotel where I used to stay with Swinger and where my special friday took place last August. I can't believe it was almost a year ago now.

Once past the hotel I went on up the hill pulling into the golf club car park......I never knew there was a golf club there. I knew there was a tennis club though as you can see that from the hotel, Swinger and I had wandered what it was the first time we stayed there. But on this occasion I was not there for the hotel, tennis or golf. I tottered across the road in my heels to jin the other parents. I don't know very many of them, most of ET's friends are just names to me. Obviously I know his close friends that he hangs out with but thats all.

After a while the fancy cars start to arrive. The occupants all dressed up in their finery. I did take some photos on my mobile but I am having trouble uploading photos from my mobile so here are a few from my camera.

This lad who has grown up on a farm drove himself to the venue dressed in his Dinner Jacket (dad was there to drive it away though)

These girls arrived with an escort of a dozen motorcycles, I expect they enjoyed it until the guy in front of them decided to rev his engine excessivelly covering the girls in a shroud of smoke stinking of hot rubber.

There were the usual vintage cars and then there were these Hummers. Some were white one or two were black and this one was gold.

There were also a few of these traditional stretch limos, white ones a pink one and a black one then this one with spots all over it.

Finally after much waiting ET and friends arrived in thier stretc Hummer with their names on the windows, smoke billowing from the windows and music blaring out. Us parents had payed a lot of money to give our kids a complete experience. Including a stop on the way for a photograph session.

So here are my little boy and his friends at the start of their school prom. They are nolonger school children but young adults.

ET is at the far end with an orange tie completeing his outfit of a black suit and black shirt. We didn't have anything like this when we were sixteen. I was chatting to one of the mums she spent £500 on her daughter (who I didn't even see, I had forgotten that she was in the same year as ET, I know the familt because her little brother played football with JA before he had to give up playing). I am sure glad I only have sons. Well now it is 3 down one to go and I have a few years yet to save up for his prom.


Mei Del said...

it must be a hampshire thing - they didn't hav this fanfare in london - yikes i better take the younger 2out of school in winch! lol

Trixie said...

Looks great! We never had anything like that when I was younger. It's really an American thing taken off here.

Lady in red said...

Mei I have no idea if it is just a Hampshire thing but all the senior schools seem to do it. I don't know about other schools but the school my boys attended issue invites to the yr 11 students but only if they deserve it (of course it is us parents who pay for it).

The kids and teachers dress up for the evenng as you can see, the kids try to find the best or most original way to arrive. Last OJ and pals went in an 'A Team' Van. They have a three course meal (no alcohol)and dancing then all the kids leave at 11pm and find their way home to after prom parties.

Lady in red said...

Trixie like a lot of tings these days it is something we have taken from american culture. But one difference is that it is only for the kids in yr 11 at that school, they can't invite guests.

This was the first time I have watch one of my boys arriving. I did watch DC and his date for the night (his best friend) setting off they didn't get the car they wanted so her mum drove them.

I didn't see OJ at all as he had gone lng before I got home from work.

Fat Controller said...

You can't help but get a vicarious thrill from those young people having a great time, can you?

aka k said...

Definitely not limited to Hants.

I think its bigger here now than in the States. I've even heard of primary (or middle) school proms LOL

Stretch Hummers are all very well but at least someone had the style to arrive in a camper van :)

MarmiteToasty said...

now I wanna find the photos of 3 of my lads prom photos lol.... just jacobs to do next year..... and our school is just for year 11 pupils to and the teachers.... its a great evening for the kids...


Anonymous said...