Monday, 28 July 2008

Not working out to plan

My plan for the weekend was

a quiet evening on friday, recoupe some of my energy after the long week. Do some of my spreadsheets for work. Saturday do a little grocery shopping, catch up on some laundry and other chores then get stuck into spreadsheets whilst boys at Cricket for the day. Sunday much the same except for shopping although I did think I might go for a drive with my camera.

My reality was that I was so tired on friday evening that I fell asleep, woke up blogged for a while, watched the BB eviction. Fell asleep again!! Woke up late and chatted to LV then Romeo. By the time I had finished chatting and blogging it was 4am. Up again before 9.30am. JA and OJ were going to the cricket finals at The Rose Bowl. I asked OJ if he had money for the day.

'I've got some but JA might want some.'

I got my purse out to see what money I had, taking out £5 note, JA took my purse looked in it before handing it back saying.

'No mummy you keep that'

wasn't that sweet of him? so I gave him £2 coin instead. I spent the rest of the morning blogging while I waited for DC to tell me he had transferred money into my bank account. By lunchtime I hadn't heard from him so I rang him. He had been to bank but not transferred money, but had withdrawn it in cash. I arranged to meet him in town and I went on a mini shopping spree. Then stopped at mother's for a cuppa and a chin wag. Even though we only live 2 miles apart we sometimes don't see each other for weeks. She is mentally preparing herself for her op on thursday. I showed her the two blouses I had bought. Interestingly although I didn't ask her which I shoukd wear she gave me her opinion anyway which just so happened to be the one I had already chosen..................damned if I was going to tell her that though.

Next it was a quick trip to asda for a few bits for dinner and for the boys on sunday while I was out. I ended up buying about 4 or 5 day worth of food. Whilst there I spied the daughter and son in law of my friend and former colleauge whose husband had sent me money for xmas when things were bad. I stood and chatted to the pair of them catching up on news for a good 10 minutes or more but it wasn't until after I had said goodbye that I remembered their names. I could remember when they got married but not their names!!!

Back home I did a few chores, caught up on blogs, watched the end of the cricket but fell asleep just before the end. Chatted to a few friends. I did intend to have an early night but it was still 1am when I went to bed.

I was awake by 7am. I had my nails to paint (pale gold) skirt to iron. It is white with boxed pleats and covered in white flower embroidery. I love this skirt but have only worn it a few times this year. Romeo had begun texting me early on. I had decided on a relaxing bath instead of a shower today. but as I was trying to figure out if I should have my bath before or after DC had his shower, ET snuck in there for a shower. But he had only been in there for a fwe minutes when the eletricity cut out. I asked DC to go to the garage for a tenner's worth. But he was only in his boxers and said ET should go .....doh clever that as ET was in the now waterless shower.

stomping around my room a found a few clothes to throw on as nobody else was going. I met DC at the top of the stairs now dressed with the same idea. In the end I agreed to go. ten minutes later we had electricity again, but ET who was now in his fleecy robe (how could he in this heat) had decided to give up on his shower. I negotiated with DC that I had my bath before he had his shower. I let the bath run too long so we ran out of hot water (I'm not keen on luke warm baths but this time it was good, as I didn't stay in there for over an hour and fall asleep).

sat in my towel drying my hair JA asks for a lift to the village, but I don't think I will have time before Romeo arrives. I still have to put on my face and wrap the present I had bought for Romeo way back in May when I thought we would meet then. My phone starts ringing, Romeo is stuck in traffic. So JA gets his lift after all. When I got back I was hanging out washing when I discovered that I had missed a call from Romeo. making my way to the corner of the road Romeo calls again he is lost so I talk him back to where I am.

I bet you are expecting that I shall now tell you about our date in more detail, well as it is now getting late and once again I fell asleep whilst typing I shall save that tale until tomorrow. When I got home from our date OJ told me that JA had lost one of his new shoes.

'I had a blood sucker on my leg, and as I was shaking my leg my she flew off and landed in a tree with a bog under it.'

'so you didn't lose it then, you know where it is but you can't get to it'.

' yeah and mum Chris's parents paid for a taxi for him to get home' .

kids you have just got to love them haven't you. oh and I never did do any of my spreadsheets this weekend