Tuesday, 8 July 2008


Almost Friday

just two more days at work then a well earned day off

a day spent peacefully sleeping in my new bed?


a day spent catching up with my writing?


a day spent in the garden enjoying a book in the warm sunshine?


a day spent trudging around in mud?


a day spent with a new friend?


The tickets have arrived so on Friday I am going to The Festival of Speed @ Goodwood with LV who has very kindly offered to treat me to a day out. If that isn't kind enough he also came over the other weekend to help me turn my meadow back into a garden. (I got sunburnt during the process).

It has rained a lot in the last few days with more rain in the next couple of days so even if it doesn't rain on Friday it is bound to be muddy. I don't think I shall be wearing my 3" leopard print heels. Or even the red spangly ones with steel heels, I doubt I shall wear my flip flop sandals either. More likely it will be the pink striped wellies or the beige catapilla boots with jeans. It occurred to me on sunday that if we are going to have rain I will perhaps be in need of a coat. I knew there was a reason I shouldn't have thrown out my big waterproof coats from my football days. Now I have my red fleece coat or my red mac which is just a little snug as I bought it when I had lost weight and I have since put some of it back on.

It is looking like we will be relying on big umbrellas instead of coats.

Something odd has been going on in the last few days.

Sunday I got messaged by a guy I hadn't heard from in almost a year

Monday I got a request from an email address I didn't recognise, I accepted thinking it was someone I know using a new address, turns out to be some Egyptian guy, wont tell me where he got my address from (it isn't the one I use most of the time).

Tonight I got a random message from another guy, the name was vaguely familiar, but I didn't know who it was, it turns out he didn't remember me either, eventually worked out we met on facebook through the flirtable application that I got hooked on before xmas (thats how I found Hector).


aka k said...

ye haw tickets arrived!! Me too!!

Lady in red said...

aka k you arrived did you? in that case you are a few days early lmao

Mei Del said...

i have been wearing green wellies the last few days to the high street - i think it's quite fashionable now *;)

ooh goodwood eh? drink some champers for me :)

cheekydani said...

Goodwood sounds tres glam! But that Egyptian guy seems a bit creepy, yuck.

Trixie said...

Woohoo a fun day out! Enjoy! (And block the creepy egyptian guy!)

aka k said...

oi, you know what I mean!

don't go standing too close to any puddles...those big fuck me® cats might not save you...lol

Lady in red said...

problem solved I'm buying a High Visibility waterproof jacket from work.....I knew there was a reason I worked here, so now I will not only be reaonably dry but also LV shouldn't be able to lose me in the crowds on the on the other hand I might get mistaken for a steward

Lady in red said...

Mei send some down here and I will drink it

Lady in red said...

dani I think goodwood will be more mudbath than glam considering the amount of rain we have had today

Lady in red said...

trixi consider egyption busted back to whence he came from

Lady in red said...

ooohhh would that be a refernce to my boots by any chance?

watch it or you might find me standing on your toes if our paths happen to cross, which day did you say you were going?

aka k said...

I think you know which day:)

You'll recognise me. I'll be the one hotfooting it away from every hi-viz jacketed hotty, wife in tow, mopping brow and muttering "no dear, there's nobody I know here today..."

Anonymous said...