Wednesday, 9 July 2008

catching up

Tonight I have been catching up

my friend Ronjazz has reopened his blog with promises of more Harem stories

I have also been catching up on another blog

last year I was reading dj's friend Toby's blog, but due to circumstances he gave up blogging however he was writing a story which he was posting one chapter at a time on a blog, I had been reading it every week until I was without the internet for a few weeks before xmas. I never really got back into reading it. So tonight I looked for and found it, after reading a couple of chapters I fell asleep (through fatigue). When I woke up I had lost my internet connection so after several attempts I resorted to the desk top. But as I was going to say if you like a good read and don't mind adult content you should read Princess Tanya's Beautiful Dreams

The other night I was watching Top Gear with the boys and they were doing a special challenge with Alpha Romeos. Of course this caught my attention as the very first car I drove was a red Alpha Sud back in the late 70s. My dad took me to the council offices where my mum worked so I could practice in the carpark on a Sunday afternoon. Unfortunately he taught me how to get started but I didn't know how to stop and found myself using a hedge instead of the brakes. we were on a slope that led down to where the dustcarts were parked and I went into panic mode thinking I would hit a dustcart, the hedge seemed like a better bet. I failed that first driving test

in tunbridge Wells, for being too hesitant. It was 5 years before I drove again, agai I was too hesitant but the next time I wasn't hesitant enough. Then I took my test again but in Sevenoaks, the day before my test my instructor told us he couldn't take me for my test, so my dad took me and took my test in his Mitzubishi Lancer estate instead of the Mazda I had been learning in. to this day I still say I passed because the examiner was playing with the electric windows. Isn't it odd how something that we take for granted these days was such a novelty in those days.


Trixie said...

These days you can't even TAKE the test unless you are with an instructor (otherwise they practically fail you)

aka k said...

Are you sure it was just the electric windows that were going up and down?

Your link takes one to the epilogue, which could be a bit of a spoiler.

This is chapter one:


Lady in red said...

darn didnt meant to do that

Lady in red said...

Ok I have tried to change the link but whatever page I try to link it keeps going back to the most recent page so you will just have to do what I did and click the links on the side bar to get to the first chapter whilst resisting temptation to read the current page.

DJ Kirkby said...

Have you got to the end of PTBD's yet? Brilliant.

Anonymous said...