Tuesday, 15 July 2008

more odds and sods

I don't believe it ....................what will it be next?

OJ just came into my room to tell me that Nipper has found a new trick. In our hall (if you can call it that, its so small) we have an old cabbage basket that we use for shoes. As there are five of us and those four all have size eight or nine feet, except JA who is a size six, the basket is piled quite high. It transpires that Nipper was sat on the top of the pile of shoes. Nothing unusual in this, I have seen her sat there lots of times over the years. But this time they believe that DC caught her stood up reaching up to the door handle. Yeah right!!!

Earlier as I was driving down to the village where JA had been at the youth club, a cyclist in full cycling gear rode onto the road I was driving on. At the traffic lights I could see him in my rear view mirror and wondered if it was Bovril. I don't think I ever mentioned Bovril before, mainly because he was reading my blog, however I don't think he has read my blogs for months now. I pulled away from the lights before the blue lycra clad cyclist had caught up to my car, but as I turned right to go down the hill I could see the next lot of lights were on red. As I sat there I could see the blue vision filling my wing mirror as he got closer. But again the lights changed and I was off down the hill towards the village. I was amused to see that when I turned left into the village so did the cyclist.

I was not amused however when I thought he was going to come crashing through my rear window. Just as I reached the narrowest part of the road between two houses at the start of the village proper, a car came from the blind turning on the right. I had no choice but to slam my brakes on with cyclist very close to my bumper. I did at this point get a brief glimpse of his face and I don't think it was Bovril. As I made my way through the village there was this blue person constantly in my mirror until finally I drove up the hill on the far side of the village and turned into the road where JA was waiting on the grass bank for me.

I can just hear Trixi and Mei demanding that I spill the beans on who Bovril is/was. Bovril found me on on the net but lives locally to me, by that I mean within a mile and married. We chatted for a while on and off. Then conversation came around to my writing, so I let him read some of my stories. Over time it became apparent that even though he has been married for years he was fairly naive. The more we talked the more he wanted to meet, which we did eventually for a chat and a cup of tea, two days before christmas. Then twice more over the christmas holidays. This story was inspired by him. We didn't meet again. Mainly because I felt bad about it. I didn't like myself very much. I found it thrilling exciting that a happily married man wanted me to show him new experiences, to introduce him to pleasures he didn't find at home.

Besides apart from the problems it could have caused him, I had already made up my mind that there would be no more married men for me. Both our first two meetings consisted of nothing more than chatting but our third meeting was a different story.

Less than two months later I found Romeo, who has been texting me every time he wakes up since he returned from Thailand.

There was going to be more to this post but I am tired and already fell asleep once whilst writing it.


trublmaka said...

Oh you poor thing!
I so often pop in to read blogs, but find myself dozing before I've even mae sense of the story!!!
Rest well dear lady

aka k said...

oh well...

I trust you had sweet dreams.

Lady in red said...

Lol I rested so well that I overslept this morning as I hadn't set my alarm last night. Serves me right for trying to burn the candle at both ends for so long.

Ronjazz said...

Lady, if I could handle four hours a night, I would. I love to wake up early...smell coffee...read a paper...say good morning... And I also like to stay up late...bend an elbow with friends...see some nightlife...enjoy the coolness of the dark.

But we can't do that. So I go back and forth. Right now...it's morning.

Anonymous said...