Friday, 4 July 2008

I'm going



what time are you going home?

when I get kicked out

get out then you are being kicked out now

but it's only 4.10pm

yes and you have still been here at 5pm every night for weeks

ok I'm just going to finish this and I'm emailing myself

some work to keep you happy over the weekend?


Lol................go on get out of here.......go home LiR

For some reason my boss and PB both have a habit of telling me to go home.

It was 4.35 by the time I left, I have as you can guess brought some work home with me. I want to set up some spreadsheets to make my new responsibilities easier to manage. As I am not likely to find the time to do this at work. As it is I have left a stack of work on my desk that I just have not had the time to do. I find it very difficult to walk away when there is still work to do. I have never been one of these people who is out the door the minute the clock reaches 4.30 or whatever time they finish work, unless I have a bus/train to catch or an appointment somewhere.

This has been a hard week for me, trying to keep on top of the increased volume that we have at the start of each month, more or less coping with the phones on my own (BG has been working on a seperate project all week). Although to give him his due the new lad has been very eager to answer the phone. It would help though if he could find out the relevant information, but it seems he is having trouble just getting the name of the company right. I have threatened to give him a crib sheet to work from when he answers the phone. (the post it note I stuck on his phone doesn't seem to be working).

Is it just me? am I so unusual in that when I am learning something new I tend to make notes that I follow until I am sure of the procedures.

New Lad doesn't make notes.......

It isn't my responsibility to train New Lad, however as I am the one he is working with and he sits opposite me whereas Bob who is training him (he was also meant to train me) is in a seperate office, it does seem to be me who is bearing the brunt of this training period. NL certainly gets 10/10 for being keen. I have my reservations though. I personally feel that he is trying to run before he can walk. He wants to be able to do the whole job straight away. I did dare to suggest to both NL and Bob that he is trying to learn too much at once. This was shot down in flames by both of them saying the best way to learn is to do the job. (lol I am a total advocate of that way of thinking). But from my side of the desk all I can see is that he is getting information overload and isn't making progress because he isn't taking it in properly.

Where he is helping by answering the phone he is causing me more work because I then have to decipher the half baked information, work out what it was about and who the customer was (Derek from Liverpool just isn't quite enough to go on). Then explain to him how to deal with it. I have given up worrying about giving him step by step instructions each and every time. I just let him deal with it but ask periodically if he is ok does he need help.

I can't quite decide whether he is just full of youthful enthusiasm or if it is just plain arrogance, thinking he will be able to do everything in just a week. Within days he has alienated the warehouse manager and some of the warehouse staff.

I have not blogged much this week partly because the internet was playing up but also because I have been so tired, I have not been this tired since the first month or so when I started to learn this job. But one thing this last week has shown me is just how much I have learnt in the last 6 months, there are still things I don't know and have not been shown yet, I still ask lots of questions, but I have become quite confident in what I am doing can even talk about some of the products with some semblance of authority.

On a slightly different subject (but not entirely different), DC learnt yesterday that he is on the list of employees at risk of being made redundant in a couple of months. On the other hand OJ has finally done something about finding employment during the summer and possibly beyond that in a part time position. He has passed the telephone interview for a local telephone banking institution. He was offered a slot in a selection process on 17th July but declined as it is the last day of term and he doesn't want to spoil his 100% record of attendance.

JA had sports day today he took part in Yr 7 (hes still one of the babies of the school) Javelin competition in which he came 3rd. His other discipline was High Jump in which he finished 4th. I am of course very proud of my baby. It does seem strange that he is now the only one of my boys still attending school.

This morning as I was trying to get to work I was stuck behind a paper boy on his bike waiting to turn right onto the main road, I wanted to go left but couldn't because instead of being in the middle of the road he was right in front of me. Obviously he hasn't learn how to position himself in the road for a right turn. I decided that his mother should tell him about this to prevent further agravation. But as my day progressed all thoughts of paperboys deminished until that is I heard.

'mummy was getting annoyed with me this morning when I was on my paper round'


Mei Del said...

Have a restful weekend liR - your week sounds so full of work! My 2 teens are also now working - glory be! lol no more lolling about in bed until 2pm for them anymore. instead they rush through the front door around 6ish - demanding dinner, heheh and would you believe they still go out until 2/3 am - i don't know where they get their energy from!

Giggle! said...

Awww you're a hard worker!

I was kind of the same, I wanted to be perfect at my job and take thigs home to complete and learn about so that I could fly through things and have more time to relax at work!

But it never slowed down for me, I was too obsessed (there is ALWAYS something to do, so there for I never run out of things to bring home) But it didn't work out too well for me though. Because my WHOLE life consisted of bloody work and no play!

But as long as you have time for social and 'you time' then you'll be fine. xx

DJ Kirkby said...

I have been waking up in the middle of the night and fretting over my workload. Having to take 3+ weeks off in Aug to cover school holidays is going to make meeting my deadlines nigh on impossible and there is no excuse for that...sigh, not in my business anyway. May have to switch to a term time contract to make sure I can always have the school breaks off but we can't afford that drop in my wages...arrrrgggghhhh! As for your commetn about writing things down, I used to tell new staff members to buy a tiny note pad and carry it around in their uniform pocket, handy for writing things down! I am 100% with you on that one LiR.

Lady in red said...

mei I remember those days well, I thought I was ill if there was even one night that I didn't go out. These days I hardly ever go out, mainly because there is nowhere to go and no one to go with. Ok I admit there are places I could go and guys I could go with but they are friends who would want more than friendship if I was to spend much time with them. At the moment the only guy I want to give more than friendship to is in Berlin

Lady in red said...

Giggle it doesn't bother me bringing work home as I enjoy my work so it is a pleasure, bringing it home means I can work on something properly without being interrupted every 2 minutes.

Lady in red said...

dj I feel for you, I am so lucky that I don't have to worry about school holidays anymore as my boys are old enough to look after themselves. JA is out with his mates every minute he can, hopefully OJ and ET will have some work during the summer months, if not they can spend their summer doing chores around the house (as if that will ever happen but I can dream).

We have unlimited access to note pads so that isn't a problem, it just seems that some people think they can remember everything without writing it down.....

yesterday I asked how long he was in his last job......4 weeks so we will see how this goes.

Rae!xx said...

You get your feet up girl you deserve it this weekend.

I knew I was right with my comment on your last rpoved it here...xx

aka k said...

The trouble with bringing stuff home is that you start to factor that time into the daily schedule...then it gets really hard to take time off.

I type this into my browser as it hovers over my work program...

at 7:30pm...

on Saturday night...

how sad is THAT

(I'm off to make myself a pims to cheer me up, just me cos I'm home alone)

Bollinger Byrd said...

And when exactly will you be giving yourself time off??? Work /life balance and all that.
Take care of yourself.
Hope you have had a chilled weekend.
love x

Anonymous said...