Sunday, 6 July 2008

This Place

There is a place, a town I have memories although most are now so distant they are just vague recollections.

There were times as childen we were bundled into the family car and drive to this town (I think it is a town as opposed to a city although it is certainly not small. How many times did we laugh as we followed the road towards the sea, there were signs pointing towards a hospital or a clinic, the years have clouded my memory. I think they were signs pointing to classes or clinics or some such for the blind. we always sniggered at that. How would the blind people they were for even see the sign. Not long after we had passed this on the left we would turn to the right side, as a girl even a girl like me who was not into girly things I was always fascinated by this place where royals of the past had stayed. how had such an exotic palace come to be in such a place as this.

There were family walks along the promenade, or if we were lucky picnics on the beach. Once or twice we were there to see the cyclists flooding in at the end of the annual bike ride from London.

Later when I was older I would go there at night with my first love and his friends to dance the night away in one of the discos. I remeber one night I was standing with a couple of FL's friends when I noticed this girl who was so very obviously a pro, trying to get friendly with FL and his best mate so I put myself between the pair of them linking arms with both of them. I don't know why I told you that but at the time I thought I was very brave (I was only 17).

then when I was engaged a year later we used to go there for the night life with friends. I always think it was funny that we celebrated my 20th birthday in a club for over 21s. A few years later I would go bowling or out for meals with a group of friends from the local pub, walking through the lanes looking in shop windows at things I would never be able to afford.

In more recent years I have had to drive there at midnight to collect DC and his drunken friends who had gone to watch a gig, the act they most wanted to see being the last on stage meant missing the last train home. On the way back driving along the main A road at full speed at about 2am I had a reaction that had DC seeing his life flashing before his eyes. I had just managed to miss a rabbit as it hurtled across the beam of my headlights.......It was my reaction of no no no nonooooooooooooooooo tht had DC worried he wasn't watching the road as he was texting at the time and thought I was going to hit another car or worse. we were both very releived when we didn't hit anything. That was a little over 2 years ago, the last time I ventured there. I have been invited a couple of times by a fellow blogger but I never went mainly because he didn't make me feel that he wanted me more that he was an option for me.

More recently I have wanted to go there to be with the man who captured my heart all those months, but there is no point in me being there if he isn't even in the country.


aka k said...

St Dunstans?

I was amongst that flood of cyclists for three years in a row in the early 80's

Sherry's? (showing my age here) became the Pink Coconut in 1980's, now Paradox Club. Or maybe the Top Rank Suite?

on your midnight dash (85m round trip?) you passed within 400 meters of my front door

I have a photo of the R P somewhere from almost the same angle.

Lady in red said...

my god sherrys that was the one disco I went to with FL Some years later I did see that the name had changed.

Anonymous said...

My God...Sherrys. I used to go in there!
It's a city now BTW.

Trixie said...

You need to find someone else who can take you there again!

Blogget Jones said...

Dang...I wanna go!

;o) BJ

Fat Controller said...

'Little London By The Sea'. The spiritual home of the dirty weekend.

Anonymous said...