Monday, 14 July 2008


Yesterday evening my youngest asked me to collect him and his bike which had 'a proper flat tyre' (I did ask him if that is better than a pretend flat tyre and is it the same as a normal flat tyre) from the village.

As I went out of the front door our cat shot inside. Because the door to the livingroom was shut I rang the doorbell, (so that one of the boys would open the door) and continued down the footpath. When I returned about 20 minutes later the cat was back on the footpath. I didn't think much about it.

Later in the evening DC told me that Nipper had rung the doorbell. DC and OJ then began to tell me that the doorbell had rung but when they opened the door no one was there but Nipper ran inside. Between them they have convinced each other that she had jumped onto the blue mail box on the wall by the door, pressed the bell then jumped down to wait for the door to open. They are convinced she was on the doorstep not in the hall. OJ thinks that she must have watched people press the bell and learnt that it makes us open the door. I am remaining taciturn on the subject. I know that for years Nipper has knocked on the door or the cat flap to be let in but how could these two supposedly bright lads of 17 and 20 really believe that she would ring the doorbell.

I was going to say that I have also been guilty of being gullible in the last 24 hours but I don't think gullible is really the right word to describe what my mischief has got me into. If you have read my post about Romeo over on battle the other day, you will know that we are getting back on track again. During our conversation last Monday he promised to upgrade his private phone so that he can contact me where ever he is. Yesterday we were having a very nice exchange of text messages over the course of 2 hours. Nothing exceptional about this except that he was in Thailand waiting for his flight back home.

Later after I had been to the gym (yes you read that right I forced myself to go to the gym for the second time since March), I was thinking about Romeo (nothing unusual about that as I have thought about him an awful lot in the last 4 months). I began to feel even more hot and bothered than when I was at the gym, I was turning myself on just thinking about him. I started thinking about our text messages earlier and whether I could turn them into a fantasy. Next thing (ok it did take more than a few minutes) I had written a new story over on LiR writes, Long distance arousal, writing this turned me on even more. Of course I ended up having a play, how could I resist?

Late last night I emailed my new story to Romeo to read once he had arrived back here. I never for one moment expected him to take me at my word and turn fantasy into reality. He began texting me in the middle of the day to let me know he was back. Then he was going to have a long sleep. So I was rather surprise to get a text from him at 7pm saying ...........

just awake for a few mins. read your story, what a lovely thought to actually make those thoughts a reality. I can just feel your nipples on my tongue and lips mmmmm

more text went back and forth then I found myself being persuaded to send him a photo........

dear Lir as if I need to tell you, I did inspire your story so its that one mmmmmmmmmmmm

A few more delaying tactics from me before finally I sent him a shy picture that showed more of my pretty bra than my nipple with the proviso that I won't be making a habit of this. (I know, I know, the past is the past and he doesn't have to know just how naughty I have been in the past.) I have extracted a promise from him to send me a new photo but I did say that it must include his smiling face so I am hoping he won't send me a rude photo, he did promise me months ago that he wouldn't. His final text for the moment..........

now i can go to sleep content xxxxx

Now we have to see if I have learnt a lesson here. Unless I want it to come true I mustn't send Romeo any more fantasies.


Trixie said...

That made me giggle about the cat. Are they still believing it, or did you let them know it was you?

Oh, and are you telling me you've never seen a photo of romeo?

Mei Del said...

exactly what trix said - so laughing my ass off about your boys and the cat and the doorbell

Bollinger Byrd said...

you mean she can't ring the bell.... oh I disapointed now!!!

and you've saved me the bother of reminding you of your own rules.... just don't go there with this bloke.

Bollinger Byrd said...
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Lady in red said...

trixi they are still believing it

yes of course I have photos of him, I just wanted more. afterall he has countless pictures of me (none of them rude I might add)

Lady in red said...

mei Niper has been knocking on the door for years. she scratches at the catflap with her paw non stop until someone lets her in (it is set so she can go out but not in ~nextdoor's 4 cats kept coming in.)

if she wants to come in through the living room door she hurls herself at the door until someone opens it.

but ringing the doorbell!!! no way

Lady in red said...

BB she has us at her beck and call already it would be hell if she could ring the doorbell at will too.

Casdok said...

How funny about the doorbell!

Texting from Thailand! Very impressive, and going to the gym too!!

having my cake said...

LMAO about the cat and really pleased that you and Romeo are back on track. Your faith has clearly paid off x

Lady in red said...

casdok as always it is lovely to see you here again. I hope C will settle into his new home without too much trauma.

hugs to you

Lady in red said...

cake thanks I am really believing now that my faith has been well placed. We are now closer than at any other time.

trublmaka said...

There are no words to decribe how hard I just laughed about the cat and the doorbell!!
My god! I know boys can have... "issues" with reality, but to make that connection.. frikkin hilarious!!

I gotta keep that in mind for pranks on the kids!

As for the story.. hot stuff!!
I've often thought of sending Crazy pics like that - i did it drunk once, but after he showed a couple of mates ("bragging like a school boy"!!) - I decided not to do it anymore!

Good luck to you chick!
And the gym - You go girl!!

Anonymous said...