Saturday, 12 July 2008

Red and Yellow

Where to start

Traffic on the way to Goodwood was pretty much stop start for milesBut we eventually arrived at about 11am then cam the long walk from the carpark, first making a mental note of where we were parked (between two 4 x 4's). It didn't take me long to realise just how unfit I ahve become in the last few months of not going to the gym regularly (something I really must do something about maybe I'll go tomorrow).

On arrival at the festival we first had a look at the 'touring cars' lots of engine revving and cars being lovingly polished. I loved seeing all the old Alpha Romeo cars (mostly red). Before moving on to the paddocks where we were able to see cars driven by all the well known formula top names over the past 40 or 50 decades.At this stage in the day I was using my phones for taking pictures (I have not uploaded them yet as I need to dig out the cable ~ I know you are thinking thank heavens for that). But here are a few of the pictures I did take on my little digital camera.

The rain held off for the majority of the day after my previous fears of being soaked. The only heavy down pour happened as we were heading home in the safety of LV's car. However I did wear my new yellow high visibilty coat which was a blessing as this meant that LV and I didn't have to stick together like glue all day. I could wander about looking at the cars that took my interest while LV looked at the once he was interested in. He could keep track of where I was as I was indeed very visible. Obviously LV was not quite so visible to me and once or twice he surprised me when he appeared from the middle of the crowds.

It is amazing seeing the different syles of cars. One minute I was looking at this Porsche

and next minute there were these familiar cars,

and what a thrill this little boy's family had when he was lifted into the driver's seat.

In the middle of the afternoon we sat on the grass near to Goodwood House. On the track there was a demonstration by Dougie Lampkin bouncing his motorbike on and off a subaru. Being a massive 5' I find it difficult to see over crowds but I was happy to watch the events on the large screens. All of a sudden Dougie left the track and emerged on the gravel path leading upto the House going around the centre piece of the Festival.

As you can see this huge Iron structure has attached to it 5 current Landrovers in special silver. OJ on seeing the picture asked if they were life size, I can assure you that they were.

Whilst we watched Dougie drove his bike in through the front door of the house, we then followed his progress via a helmet camera and the big screen as he went from room to room until finally he appeared on the roof where he continued his antics.

We finally left the Festival at around 4.30 and headed home. As we were leaving LV asked me if I would like to go for an Indian or a Chinese meal to end the day. But first he took me home so that I could make sure my boys were ok and had food for the evening.

After a lovely meal (which I really couldn't do justice to ~ that will teach me to wear jeans that are on the tight side) we said good night. All that fresh air and unacustomed walking I really was very tired.

I might not be as interested in cars as LV but it was still a lovely day out. Good company and just the relief of spending a day not having to worry about anyone or anything. I also appear to have caught the sun even though it wasn't out for very long at any one time, my face and chest are now a very definite red to contrast my very yellow coat.

Thank you LV

Now I shall leave you with an image that tickled my sense of humour.


Bollinger Byrd said...

Glad you had a good day.
That car in the bit at the end is a Fiat 500 and I had a cream one as my first car, it was the only car I ever named and it was called Doris..... well I was only 18!

Lady in red said...

lol I remember my mum learning to drive in one, ours was navy blue, out of all the cars my dad had that was one of the ones I remember the most apart from the austin 1000 that my foot went through the floor of.

Mei Del said...

one of my friends had that as his first car and he took me and a few others round the island - Penang I mean, aeons ago when we were 18 and i went home for a break.

aka k said...

I have so much to say about this and have my own post in draft but it will have to wait as I am in family mode.

Lady in red said...

I shall await your post with bated breath

DJ Kirkby said...

That sculpture is amazing!

Lady in red said...

mei my mum was driving hers in the sixties so the one your friend had must have been fairly old.....but isn't that where most of us start lol

Lady in red said...

dj whilst we were there a man climbed up the side of it with ropes (i think he was chcking it or doing some kind of maintenance)

aka k said...

My first post is up.

I did look out for you, but I didn't seriously think you would be in a high viz jacket LOL. How we didn't bump into each other is amazing as we arrived at the same time!!

My next post will include the amazing climb of the scaffold, which we stood and watched before heading off to the paddock. As for the Fiat 500, we stood and admired that from the other side, commenting that it is as small as a Smart car, but for some reason didn't take a photo :(

Glad you had a great day.

Lady in red said...

we saw some of the climb and were amazed he was still up there when we returned from the paddock a few hours later, I missed the rapid descent though, although LV apparently saw it.

As for the Fiat I walked down the side of it, it was the contrast between the Fiat and the huge Touring bus on one side and the Artic on the other side all in the same red that tickled me.

Fat Controller said...

That is exactly the reason I chose to drive from Bournemouth to Gatport Airwick via the M3/M25/M23 instead of via M27 and Brighton today!

If it had been next week it would have been different...Farnborough Air Show!

Glad you had a good day.

aka k said...

Yes, did tey set that up on purpose? Made the 500 look even tinier.

Farnborough next week? Will that affect our route to Larmer Tree?

Trixie said...

Sounds like a fab time! I'm glad you didn't get soaked, I was thinking of you while it was pouring down where I'm at!

Anonymous said...