Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Rant and spilling beans

Two Posts tonight.

Firstly I promised to tell you more about my big date but I also need to rant.

NL is still driving me mad at work, I now have to believe that it is youthful arrogance as opposed to youthful enthusiasm. Yesterday, he had a call from the agency that found him the job, I know it can be difficult to be totally honest when they phone to see if you are doing ok especially if they phone you at work when you are surrounded by your new colleagues. But he told her that everything is going well, no problems at all. Later our boss asks him how he is getting on and again he says he has no problems.

ahem I would like to wring his neck for him, he is so cocky thinking that he can do it. I don't mind if he asks me questions or for help but the problem is that he prefers to just get on with it on his own. Very commendable except that he doesn't know what he is doing. Who is it that has to unravel everything and put it right? me of course..........grrrrrrrrr

Because he had made so many mistakes on customer orders I now have to check every order before he puts it onto the system. Highlighting customer purchase numbers, account numbers, address codes, making sure all the product codes are correct and the quantities are as they should be (most products are sold as singles even if we only sell them by pack size but a few items are the other way around, it takes time to get used to this. If he takes an order over the phone I have to check that he has got the account and product codes right the quantities are correct and it gets sent to right address. Today he took an order from one of our longest running accounts. This customer speaks very fast and doesn't give product codes just brief description, he expects us to know what he 'always has'. I didn't know he had taken this order until after it had been processed and was ready to be taken to the warehouse to be picked and packed. Nobody had checked this order and all he had were the product codes and quantities. I asked him if the customer had given him the codes (knowing that this customer never does). No he had written the descriptions on an order form then copied it onto a new order form because his writing was confusing. I wanted to staple the two together incase there are any discrepancies then we can see where it had gone wrong.

'I got rid of it, I am confident I have done it right and it wasn't necesary for it to be checked.'

we will see when the proverbial 'merde' starts flying.

I would be quite happy not to have to check everything before he does it as then I could actally get some work done myself but I have been instructed to do this and it is doubling the work.

To make matters worse there have been a few changes in the warehouse which our Company shares with several others. The space under our office has been used as storage room for our Company, but now it is going to be used by another company so they are building a new room, this involves lots of drilling and hammering. I did have to laugh this afternoon when we were all trying to hear what was being said to us on the phonecalls there was a thumping on the wall by my pc, it was Pedro nextdoor thinking it was us doing the drilling.

I was not at my brightest this afternoon but I could have strung up the cyclist wh wanted to comit suicide at my expense. I had almost made it home, just passing the local parade of shops. I saw the cyclist stationary in the bus stop (he was wearing a high vis jacket). I was just thinking how white his hair is when he began to cycle down the road, so I pulled across nearer to the middle of the road to give him more room. But I had to slam my brakes on when he suddenly with no warning shot across the road without even looking to see what was coming. I'm not sure if it was his intention to go to the Dr's surgery across the road but I very nearly got him there quicker the twat!!!!


Mei Del said...

hmm so far you have only ranted (you really do have all my sympathy) ... but, where are the beans?

Mei Del said...

oh right - 2 posts tonight - durrr

trublmaka said...

Oh sweety..
You have my absolute sympathies!!
I do hope it all comes good for you!

Ashley Ladd said...


I had a similar problem last week at the day job. One of our staff was ill and taking strong medication so she was out of it. She was waiting to get clearance for short term disability so I wasn't mad at her. Still, I had to double check everything she did, what little she even did. The worst is that our other coworkers who didn't know all the facts complained all the time that she was goofing off and messing up. That was on top of a particular harrowing week otherwise.

Giggle! said...

oooo oooo I've missed so much!!!


I'm just at Mums, and popping on to say g'day to everyone, I haven't got time to catch up on all posts but I shall as soon as I get the internet back up and running!!! :-) xx

Anonymous said...