Saturday, 26 July 2008

At last!!

Before he went to Thailand a couple of weeks ago Romeo told me that it would be his last long trip for a while. Then he had a couple of short trips then a time when his diary would be fairly free. I suggested that he hide his diary. When he returned we chatted but he didn't say anything about when he will be free. A couple of days ago he told me that the time was an hour ahead where he was. So I wasn't expecting much from him until he gets back.

Friday morning he text me that

'may be able to meet next week possibility now there xxxxxx'

'tell me more'

'will later just going into meeting xxxx'

I must have been grinning like a fool for the rest of the morning, it certainly felt good to me. I expected to hear from him again later in the day but by the time I left work there had been no further word. To end my working day, as I sped towards the motorway, I saw something most unexpected. Flying around the bend in my little car, as the road I was on merged with the road that would soon become motorway, there ahead of me, suspended above the road, was a giant red love heart. This puzzled me, as I tried to work out how it was done. It had obviously been created by red smoke from planes, probably something like The Red Arrows but there was nothing else in sight other than three vapour trails in red, white and blue to one side of the heart. then from out of nowhere the red arrows came shooting towards me. Soon I had left the heart and the planes behind me as I headed home. A few hours later I still hadn't heard from Romeo, part of me wasn't worried, he was obviously busy. But a small part of me said he did this before. He told me that we could meet next week then I didn't hear from him for two weeks. But even though these thoughts crossed my mind I still had faith that I would hear more from him soon.

Chatting online with a facebook friend, blogging the hours soon passed. I woke up on the sofa with my laptop on my knees again!! I was just trying to rouse myself to go upstairs when a chat window opened. I was a little surprised as it was around 1am by then. We chatted for a short while then I took myself upstairs taking my laptop with me. I was awake again now. we chatted for a little longer.

Then it happened

'are you online?'

It was Romeo telling me he had just got home. He wanted to know when I would be free. We must have talked online for an hour. By the time we had finished we had arranged to meet. we had agreed a time and he is picking me up. He has no time constraints so we will just go with the flow. We had talked about a few possibilities but as he is not familiar with the area it is up to me to come up with a plan for our time together.

Today I have been out and bought myself a couple of new tops to go with the skirt I plan to wear (isn't it lucky that on the few occasions I venture into town to buy clothes there are sales on). so £52 later I have one pink sequinned top, a pink and white blouse and a white blouse with cap sleeves and lightly patterned with small brown flowers, pink sandals, a red pendant with matching earings and brown droplet earrings with matching necklace. (DC got paid yesterday and met me in town to hand over a wad of purple notes).

A cuppa with my mum and a chat about places to go, I now have a plan, starting with a visit to my favourite view, so you can be sure that I shall have my camera with me. Back home after a visit to Asda I was laying on my bed checking my emails and chatting when I fell asleep. (I did only get 4 .5 hrs sleep last night). When I woke up with the sun streaming through my window and my radio playing to itself I thought it was the morning. Panic I hadn't painted my nails yet, so much to do before my date. Slowly it dawned on me that it was still Saturday evening. Looking at the chat window on my screen it seems I had been asleep for some 45 minutes. So now I have caught up with blogs and once I have published this post I shall do my nails before heading to bed for an early night. Tomorrow I plan to finish pampering myself ready for my big date.

Can you believe my mother!! she phoned me to tell me to eat before my date. As we don't have a meal booked I don't know when I shall be eating. My mother is concerned that I will go for hours without eating causing my blood sugar levels to drop making me ill. Hot weather makes this problem worse for me. (she has witnessed me in this state once or twice in the last few years). So I have had to promise to eat brunch..........................mothers!!! who needs them!


nitebyrd said...

OMG!OMG!OMG! I cannot wait to hear about your date. I'm doing a happy dance for you, right now!

Mei Del said...

you're certainly getting somewhere at last!

DJ Kirkby said...

Your mom is right though! Look, honey the sun is shining espescially for you today, how wonderful. So happy for you. xo

cheekydani said...

Wooohoooo!!! Can't wait to hear about it honey, so excited for you! x

Anonymous said...