Sunday, 15 June 2008

that time of year again

Mum get rid of that spider

you big baby it isn't going to hurt you besides there is no way I can reach up there

yes it that time of year again when I am in constant call to dispose of the you remember last year when I became obsessed with spiders......just to give you an idea here and here are some examples and here then there were all the little spider pictures I added to my posts and my Messenger

It does always make me chuckle that these boys who are 5'8" and 5'9 compared to my 5'0" need me to get rid of the spiders.

It does seem that that is not the only thing they need me for apart from the normal washing and cooking etc.

So on Saturday I not only got the internet working again even if the reason it wasn't on was down to me having a few blonde moments. There was the new washing line that needed to be strung up because someone snapped the old one by putting a heavy towel double folded on it where it just hung......if it had been hung properly from the high line where it could have blown dry in the breeze it would not have been a problem!!

And then there was the toilet again!!!

No this time it wasn't a case of it being blocked...............this time I didn't have to plunge my arm into the pan to sort it out. This time I was upto my elbow in cold water as I fixed the cistern. The connecting rod between the handle and the plunger had come off completely. It took a few minutes of fiddling around in cold water before I was able to reconnect the handle to the plunger that releases the water into the pan.

Something else that occurs at this time of year is of course 'Father's Day'

Yesterday OJ told me that I don't need to worry about feeding them today as they were having dinner with Dad. SF later spoke to me saying that he was going to take all four boys out for dinner once DC was home from his band practice. I had thought they were having dinner with him and his 'new family' but no it was just him and the boys.........he then said that I could go with them if I wanted.......I didn't so I declined saying I had things to do. (why would I want to sit in a restaurant playing happy families).

So imagine my surprise when I was asking ET if he was seeing his new g/f today, he said he wasn't and that they were not now going out for dinner. This set me off in a panic as that meant I needed to go buy some food for their dinner, DC has had my car most of the weekend and isn't due to bring it back until after the shops shut!! Oh but OJ tells me not to worry, dad just brough them some dinner. I now have in my freezer a box of 40 pieces of southern fried chicken, curly fries and fudge cake, all from this is what the 'weekend father' thinks constitutes taking your children out for dinner! Yet again SF gets it wrong!!

Iceland fried chicken, Not to be confused with the place where Romeo was a week ago.


The toilet appears to have completely lost the pice of metal that connects the handle to the I am about to try to fashion a make shift connection with from a metal clothes hanger......wish me luck!!


Mei Del said...


iceland fried chicken eh? i must say i've never had that pleasure myself.

Lady in red said...

Mei me neither........I'm having baked potato and chilli

I'm not a fan of KFC let alone any cheap version of the same.

Mei Del said...

word cloud - you mean label cloud?

i went here - it's pretty idiot proof

Mel said...

<--does makeshift repairs in a pinch

(and non-working toilets call for desperate measures! LOL)

Happy Dad's Day to you, ma'am!

Trixie said...

I'm so bloody lucky with my ex, he would NEVER do anything like that to my kids. It's such a shame all dad's can't be good.

Oh, btw, I've now become addicted to spider solitaire!

nitebyrd said...

Wow, LIR! You're like momanddad all in one. I have no patience for fixing things so "Bravo!" to you.

Hope you had a good Father's Day! ;)

Giggle! said...

I LOVE Spiders!!! xx

Emma said...

You have been tagged over on the dark side..xx

Lady in red said...

Mel I guess I owe my dad some of the credit for my make do and mend abilities. He taught me to do all sorts of practical things when I was a child. Mind you these days I can't do a lot of them because advances in technology make many things more difficult to repair.
So I shall accept the happy Fathers day wish in honour of my late father.

Lady in red said...

trixie the one person who misses out by his behaviour is him. He is the one who made all the fuss about missing his boys but he doesn't help his own cause

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd that was always the case even when I was married. I used to say I was a two parent family on my own.

Lady in red said...

giggle you might get fed up with boys that are scared of spiders

Lady in red said...

emma thanks for that I will try to get around to it

Anonymous said...