Wednesday, 4 June 2008


How a boy's mind works.

As you know I escaped the responsibilities and ties of being mother to my boys for 24 hours last week. Before setting off for work on friday morning I bought £10 in electricty on my key meter. I left the electricity key together with £20 cash in the kitchen for the boys. I had told them I would leave money so that they could buy the food they wanted for thier dinner.

after I left work I stopped at Asda for a few bits and to fill up my petrol tank before setting of for my 100+ mile trip to see my friends. Whilst I was there I took a call from OJ

I have two questions for you

A) where is your laptop?........... (the one that is meant to be mine not theirs).

I have it with me .....(obviously I was right to take it with me)

B) what time will you be home?

Not until tomorrow.

What are we having for dinner then?

I left you £20 so you can buy what you want.

There isn't any money just the electricity key but JA did wake me up asing if all the money was fr electricity.

Ask him what he did with it

He says he put £20 on the electricity key


So my kids have £30 worth of electricity but no money for food!!


Gypsy said...

BOYS!!!! Do they ever really listen? No of course not and then they become MEN who never listen....sigh.

Mei Del said...

bless - he might've just been concerned your laptop seemed missing ...

Mei Del said...

actually it reminds me of what happened recently - last week my ex took the lil boys on holiday for their half term break but because one of them had exams this month he had to bring all his revision books with him (i know poor lad). as ex came to pick the boys up on sunday he distinctly said to me, don't worry they can go in my suitcase, i have plenty of room. anyway, ex rings on monday in a panic because he'd forgotten to pack the books and asked our daughter to go to his house and arrange for a courier to pick them up and send them all the way to a marina somewhere in the med!

Trixie said...

I bet they managed to survive though. I'm sure you didn't come back and found they'd eaten their youngest brother!

Anonymous said...