Friday, 6 June 2008

working girl

It came as a surprise to me but I won again !!

For those of you who don't know, every wednesday dj does a post, wordless wednesday, which is just a picture, then invites all her readers to leave a caption for the picture in her comments box. It always pleases me to be the first to leave a comment but I never expect mine to be the best. so I was not expecting to win the prized button this week. I already have the green version in my side bar although now I cannot even remember which picture or caption that was for. (It was quite a long time ago). so even though this week's coveted prize was the green button I took the liberty of scrolling back through dj's blog to find the orange version. Thank you dj for choosing me.

here is the picture dj posted this week.

What would your caption be? to see mine go here

It has been busier than usual this week at work. Not only has the volume of work been greater but the staffing level has been lower in that my boss has been away on holiday. MD has now decided that we need another person to join our team. He has instructed Posh Bird aka PB to

'find another LiR'

which I am taking as a compliment. Today we had a slightly lower volume of work which is just as well as we were down to the bare minimum of staff. Bob was off sick and as BG only works part time this meant that I was on my own with 4 phones a fax machine and email for 3 hours. (I did get an email asking if I was lonely). It wasn't too bad when there were other staff in the accounts dept who could take messages but by 3.30 there were only 2 of us in the whole office apart from the directors shut away in their office, not accepting calls!! (one downside of my job is that the majority of calls come through the sales phone line, which means that we effectivly become the switchboard for the rest of the office). At one point I had a growing stack of messages to call people back whilst I was taking a long and complicated order. In the short term I enjoy the challenge but wouldn't be able to cope with this in the long term.

This evening I have been chatting to Lotto, we have agreed that we won't meet up next week. He didn't say so but I think he is sulking now. I told him that I don't want to risk ruining what I have with Romeo. Lotto tries to understand how I feel but doesn't think I have anything to risk as I have not met Romeo. But to me it feels like so much more than just two people who have never met. Lotto has this thing he does when we are chatting. He has a habit of asking me what I wore for work. Today it was a black pinstripe skirt and a pink blouse. He then asks about my underwear before asking whether I wore tights, stockings or bare legs. At this time of year I have bare legs. but between October and the start of May i tend to wear mostly stockings. I find tights uncomfortable most of the time, besides stockings make me feel sexy which in turn makes me feel good.

My tax disc finally arrived today.


Mei Del said...

i hate tights too. i'm a wear as few clothes as i can get away with depending on the weather type of girl too *;)

Lady in red said...

lol @ wear as little as possible type of girl

nitebyrd said...

Hmmm ... I never thought of wearing thigh-high stockings for work! I'll bet they make you feel sexy during the mundane work day. I need to try them. I always wear pantyhose (tights?) to work.

Congratulations on your award, LIR! Great job!

(I'll need to get Mulder over here to see your "stocking" picture!)

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I am sure Mulder has already seen it as it is one that I found on the post I did recently as probably the last of these pictures after he rose to the challenge of finding all my pictures..........I don't have any new one but by all means send him over then I can tell him he isn't blogging enough again!!!

Would that perhaps be due to him having too much fun with your love ball?

Anonymous said...