Monday, 23 June 2008

great bins of fire!

'LiR ............the school is on fire'

This was the surprise statement from PB in the middle of the afternoon.

A couple of phone calls and a quick look at the local news on the internet confirms what she has just told me. This afternoon about 15 minutes before the end of school the technology department caught fire. Three fire engines and an aerial appliance attended the fire, no one was hurt.

JA is confident that he wont be going to school tomorrow. He apparently was in the room next to the the classroom where the fire started. However whilst my boys have been at the Cricket this evening (I cant believe it I ahve five yes five whole hours home alone), I have found an email from the school stating that school will be open as usual tomorrow. Now that Yr 11 have completed their studies it will be possible to move classes around .

While I was looking at the news of the fire on the internet, I noticed this other headline.

Watch out, watch out there's a wheelie-bin thief out and about

Investigating further I discovered that a growing number of wheelie bins have been stolen from outside homes in my town. I was reading the list of roads that had suffered these thefts, quite confident that these were all roads around the town centre until that is I saw the name of the road where I keep my car an leave my wheelie bin on bin day.


Trixie said...

stealing bins???? What on earth would someone want with lots of bins??? Unless it's another county stealing them for their area! (I wish we had wheelie bins!)

Mei Del said...

mass raid on wheelie bins sure sounds like lunacy.

george's school had a fire twice, yes twice!!! in one year - how lucky could schoolboys get?? they weren't even started by the boys - the canteen or chip pan in the kitchen caught fire apparently - twice!

Mei Del said...

apparently some biz minded person has seen the gap in the market and come up with a solution for all this bin theft - lady i sent you an email with a picture of this contraption which you might kindly like to share with the rest of your readers

Rae!xx said...

It it's anything like our council they cost £30 to replace so that's why they get pinched.

I have had mine pinched a couple of times but they always put it out the following week so I retrieve it back...x

Lady in red said...

Trixie for ages we thought my neighbour had a bin fettish.....rather than put her bin out each week she waited until everyone else's bin had been emptied then grab one before they were reclaimed by the right people. In the end the council and police came round to take all the bins from her garden.

Lady in red said...

mei I have seen that before somewhere lol

Lady in red said...

rae we have to pay for replacements too and then the replacements are much smaller to make you throw less out

Anonymous said...