Monday, 16 June 2008

travel bug

I have been thinking about travel quite a lot, partly because I know that Romeo travels a lot in his job (he flew out to Malaysia again this morning for 8 days). Did I tell you that when he was in Iceland I sent him a blank map of the world and told him to mark off all the places he has visited since February. Telling him that he wasn't to fill in too much of it before I get to meet him.

I have always been interested in travel I would love to see lots of the world not so much the resorts though as I am not one for beach/sun worship. This week our credit control lady has gone on a coach holiday to Austria, I really envy her. I did that twice many years ago (on my own each time). My friends thought I was very brave going on holiday on my own but I loved it. Even though the first time was when I met C. It was in those days that I wanted to be a courier for a coach Company but that was never to be. The closest I ever got was being a Hotel Receptionist.

Something else that makes me think about travel is the person I sit closest to at work. He sits just the other side of my desk, I can hear every word he says but I can't see him as there is a wall between us. He has his own Company which shares the same building as ours. The wall is only a very thin partition so it doesn't block out much sound. The funniest thing was a few weeks ago when there was a crash and the wall moved. Someone said 'what was that?' just joking I said 'it's Pedro falling off his chair.' Later I saw him on the stairs and jokingly asked if he had fallen off his chair only to be told that yes he had and broken it. As you may have guessed Pedro is Spanish, some of the time I hear him speaking and often swearing in English but just as often he is using Spanish. If I had the time to just sit and listen I am sure I could learn some colloquial Spanish.

I feel it is a tragedy that aged 46 I have only ever flown once, that was when I took JA to Lapland to see Father Christmas in December 2004. But I just tell myself that my chance to travel and see the world will be here in the not too distant future. Once my boys have grown up and don't need me and I have the spare cash I shall be off as often as I can.
Perhaps it is this preoccupation with travel and flying that has prompted me to start a story which is set in an airport. Because I don't have word on this computer I was writing it on blogger but made the mistake of publishing my story before it was completed I had meant to save as draft until it was complete. I shall be adding to it but it is there if you want to read the incomplete tale.


Mei Del said...

sometimes i go to google earth and just look at the landscapes - the alps, pyreneees or islands in the pacific. somepepole have put up pictur postacrds of their hometown and you can spend a lot of time just whizzing round the world, lol.

Trixie said...

My sister did that, ones the kids were grown up, she's been whizzing around the world ever since! She's seen more than me, and I was the one who left to go travelling 12 years ago!

nitebyrd said...

I never really wanted to travel outside the US. There's lots of beautiful things to see here. I have however always wanted to see Scotland. Now after talking to so many wonderful people in England, I'd like to go there as well. My only huge, alone trip was to Australia and I adored every minute of it. So much so, I wanted to live there! Oz's immigration policy is very strict and alas, I'm to old! :(

Travel is a wonderful way to get out of your "norm" and expand not only your knowledge but yourself, too.

Lady in red said...

mei that sounds like a good idea, but I am sure it wont quite be the same as experiencing it

Lady in red said...

trixie my mum had done a lot of travelling since we all grew up too, she loves it and sometimes says that she will take me with her once the boys dont need me

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I am glad you like us lol

one day I shall get to both Australia and USA

Emma said...

I had just the same conversation with Evening, me going to her then travelling over the New Zealand and Auz day maybe!!.x

Queen Vixen said...

You travel girl! No feeling like getting on a plane ... with the fuel crisis we may not be able to afford it for much longer.

trublmaka said...

We moved a fair bit when I was a kid, so I like to be stable. But its funny, I've always been attracted the New Zealand lanscapes and thought it would be great to see... Now I'm shacked up with a frikkin Kiwi!! He's been here for the last 13 years... but now I'm nagging for at trip to see his family ;D

Kids will never stop needing you hunny.
Just up and go, even if it is only for a week!
Do it!!

Anonymous said...


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