Sunday, 1 June 2008

taxing time

After spending ages on Thursday evening looking for my Tax reminder so that I could get my new tax disc on Saturday I didn't. I considered renewing my tax online but decided against it as it takes 5 days for the disc to arrive.

But my plans to go into Blah and buy my tax disc from the local post office hadn't bargained on me staying up all friday night until 5.30am. By the time I had resurfaced and was in any state to go to the post office there wasn't enough time. After I had left Blah I considered finding a town big enough to have a post office that would be open all day as the main one in my town is.

As I travelled south on the M1 I took a slight detour into Dunstable, I know it isn't as big as nearby Luton but Dunstable had more of a pull for me. There had been a time 23 years ago when I had thought I would live in the Dunstable area. I even had interviews line up with Britannia Airways as Luton Airport.

There were times when I had stayed with my lover at his friend's home, we had visited other friends, spent sunday lunch times in his favourite working mens club. It was only later that we discovered that every time I had been there his friend's girlfriend has been running to Sandy to let her know I was there. She even came knocking on the door once, we were not aware that Annie had betrayed us.

All these years later the Dunstable I was driving around was not the same place I remembered. So I headed back to the motor way and headed off back home.

Today I went online and paid for my tax disc. It should arrive during the week.


Vi said...

Argh! You've just reminded me I've still got to sorn my old car!

having my cake said...

When I applied online last year, the disc arrived two days later. I was a little alarmed when I queried any delay in showing my new tax disc with the DVLA and they told me that it was up to the discretion of the traffic warden as to whether I would get a ticket or not for an invalid disc!

Anonymous said...