Friday, 2 May 2008



I am tired to the core

tired of fighting

tired of cleaning

tired of hearing 'Call of Duty' being played online on PS2

tired of nagging

tired of defending my romance to other men

tired of my money worries

tired of wondering when will it get better

tired of just scraping by each week

tired of feeling tired

tired of waiting

so tired I'm going to bed at 9.30pm on a friday


Dazzed and Confused said...

My Lady,
Out of all the reasons you are tired the "Tired of defending my romance to other men" pisses me off the most. Screw those Asses that question your love for Romeo or whom ever. You need to do what makes you happy and screw the rest.

You are a GREAT Lady and for what it’s worth you make my day every time I read you. Even if this “slacker” :) doesn’t comment he still loves checking you out every day.

Mei Del said...

me too me too

i love checking you out everyday;) - what a phrase!

and love to see you happy but will send you hugs when you're low

hope you slept well - in the words of a true survivor "after all tomorrow is another day"

Mel said...


I know that tired......well, most of them....

And I retired at 10pm on a Friday.

Wisepersoninmylife suggested "Then quit defending, naggin and borrowing troubles......"
Oh, yeah.....duh me! LOL

*HUGE hugs*

Percy said...

oh.. i am getting...sleepy....

tired of money worries, i hear you

Lady in red said...

Mulder I don't think the men I was referring to doubt my love for Romeo it is more that they doubt he is being straight with me. They feel he is stringing me along, messing me about. what make me mad is that after a while they get me having doubts and I don't like that. I need to feel positive about our situation. What these men fail to take into account is that the world Romeo lives and works in is very very different to anything these men know about.

Lady in red said...

Mulder and mei I am glad you both enjoy checking out my blogg each day, I check both yours each day too even if I don't comment every time.

Lady in red said...

mel for as long as I remeber my mum went to bed by 10pm everynight but I am more of a night person unfortunately my job makes me a morning person too which is fine but after a while my body just tells me to stop right now!

It sounds as though wise person is indeed wise

Lady in red said...

Percy that is why I have made steps to change things

Giggle! said...

I was sure i left a comment for this!

Lady in red said...

Giggle lol well if you did then I didn't find it

niy that happens to me sometimes. I think I have left a comment then when I go back later it isnt there

nitebyrd said...

I'm right there with you on everything. Being tired, lack of money, scraping by ... AGGHHHH!

Defending what your heart want and needs shouldn't have to add to your weariness. For the naysayers, tell 'em to take a flying fuck at the moon!

somebody said...