Thursday, 8 May 2008

bloggers are friends

Last night when I was going through my documents on this computer just seeing what is on here I found this tribute that I had forgotten about. I was written by one of my blog friends, he had written a piece about four special blog women not saying who they were but we knew. At some point later I had gone back to it and saved it in a word document. I am glad that I did as some months later he closed that blog. He has had other blogs since but is currently in his words 'having a sabbatical.' Any way this is how he described me .

You're one of the sweetest people I know. You go through so much adversity, still smiling. You're ever so discrete - annoyingly so, sometimes. You attract men, lots of them, no surprise there, but you're choosy enough to reject the ones that don't measure up. You're a true friend, always ready to talk, no hidden agenda. You're forgiving and tolerant. You write from the heart, holding nothing back. You revel in discovering your long-suppressed sexuality. You showed me something I always thought was a myth. You like me, probably more than I deserve.

then later last night as I was going through my email accounts I checked the junk box of the emails account that my blog comments go to and I found this email.

hey how r u?

i think you're one of the few people who sounds truly genuine

everyone puts on a front, i know i do it myself, but you come across so very real and kind too.

wasn't this such a lovely thing to say and this is from a new blogger friend.

I feel quite sad tonight, I have been in a strange mood all evening but as I visited a few of my blog friends I found yet another blogger saying goodbye. As I work my way down the list of blogs that I read more and more of the links are skipped as they are either closed or just not posting for a while. I know that all of the bloggers who have closed their blogs in recent weeks are people who I have become friends with outside of blogs, we exchange emails, IM or are Face book friends so we do have the means to continue our contact.

On a slightly more cheerful note I have been chatting to Thomas aka my Knight in Tarnished Armour. As always he makes me feel sexy and adored but there was a different feeling for me today. I felt very sad, chatting to Thomas just made me feel unhappy, I did the usual laughing and sending kisses along with the chat some of which was general chit chat but also the usual mutual admiration and sexual worship mostly from him. Chatting to Thomas made me miss Romeo even more than I did already. I adore Thomas (he was fantasizing about what it would be like if he and I were married), but I feel so much more for Romeo and it hurts that I have not heard from him since last week. I know I will hear from him but I just don't know when. I am getting worried now though, when he text me that he was ill he thought it was flu. But I can't help thinking he must be very ill if he can't manage to to text or call me again. ............Yes I know what you are thinking. Sometimes I wonder if you are right and I am wrong but there is something that tells me otherwise. I have to trust him I have to believe but it isn't always easy. I have given my self a promise that if there is no progress soon I shall call it a day, as much as I don't want to.


Mei Del said...

i have just started interacting in the blog world myself so i hope you won't be closing your blog down anytime soon or i might start to get a real complex, haha.

but you are one of the sweetest bloggers i have ever come across too ;) and genuine, yeap so true, smiling in adversity yeap, though you cant beat marmitetoasty who can make you spill food and spit out liquids with her irreverence for f*ck-ups especially her own.

hope you get through the blues, remember, tomorrow is another day ;)

Vi said...

Ah sweetie, I know, i saw that post to. It's like they are dying like flies around us. But we'll always be here (I hope!).

Romeo..well, you know, I know, exactly how you feel. x

Giggle! said...


I think it's crazy that people can just hit the delete button on their blogs!!!

Like, it's kind of like a journal, how can someone just delete all the memories and hard work?

I know there will probably be a time when I stop blogging... but I would love to be able to come back and read all my posts again years later.

And RAT GiRL! I would FREAK out if I lost that! LOL too much hard work! xx

Emma said...

It was a lovely thing to say abut you and might I say all true from where I am sitting.

I am one of those absent bloggers because I can't think of anything interesting to say at the moment...xx

Gypsy said...

It's nice to read things like that because we can never know for sure how we are being perceived by others especially in this kind of forum where people often do put on a facade.

Sorry to hear about your worry over Romeo. Long distance relationships are fraught with anxiety sometimes and need a great deal of commitment from both parties to keep the communication going. I hope Romeo will be ok (I have read a newer post so know he is ill). Hang in there LinR.

Anonymous said...