Tuesday, 13 May 2008


Today at around 11.30 my mobile rang, it was the driver telling me he would be arriving in 30 minutes to deliver my new bed. I explained that I was at work and he wasn't due to deliver my bed until Friday when I have a day off. Can you believe I have got a whole day off, I can hardly believe it as I have been tending to have half days as and when I need them.

Today I have had a man with a nice voice phoning me and saying 'its me'. Who says work can't be fun?

I enjoyed my drive home, windows wound right down, sunglasses on, wind in my hair, music blaring from my stereo player, catching that first glimpse of the sea as I drive south seeing the bright blue water then turning the corner now the water is more of a dull green as I begin to head west along the coast towards the city. The scent of sea water suddenly catching me off guard. The taller buildings of the city appear grey against the now cloudy sky whilst the trees in the foreground are deep shades of green. Onward the traffic rushes until suddenly with break lights everywhere we ground to an almost halt as we near the start of the road works. Leaving the city behind us. Those portaloos that dotted the road just weeks ago now gone as the work has moved from the centre to the outer edges of the road.

Travelling at the maximum speed allowed through here catching sight of the most gorgeous red Audi A4 such a lovely shade of red, Audi seem to have the best red cars. We reach the crest of the hill surging down the otherside trying hard not to go too fast as we still have to pass the 'average speed cameras' once passed these and the traffic takes on new life as everyone speeds up. 55, 60, 65, 70, 80, 85 need to start getting into the slower lane now but traffic is merging from the slip road, down the sweeping curve of the road pausing only to check for other traffic as we emerge onto the A road going north but here we all channel off to do our twice daily U turn to go back the otherway and snake our way up the hill. More like a slow worm than a snake at this time everyday as we crawl along in first gear only to stop on the steep side of the hill. This is where I test my courage. Do I take the easy way as most people do and yank on the hand break or do I hold my nerve and try my clutch control skills, praying that I will keep my nerve long enough to hold still until the traffic moves again. Today though is one of those rare days when I use my hand brake.

Finally I arrive home, not a child in sight, but there are empty boxes, boxes that are just the right size for something like a flatish object not quite square, I wonder if this might have been my new laptop. Of course it obviously was. But as there is no sight of either my boys or my laptop they must be together. I could go storming up the stairs shouting the odds because they opened my parcel, with my name on it, without asking my permission. But I don't I decided to stay downstairs and wait to see how long it takes for them to

a) realise I am there

b) explain why they have opened my parcel.

After about 10 minutes JA appears, he tells me that the boys are trying to surprise me by setting the laptop up for me. ..........do I believe this or do they just want a play on it.

I have had a little play with my laptop but we have not got it working wirelessly yet as I need to find out what the security code is for our network. Tomorrow I shall phone Orange to get some help.

Today I paid 2/3 of my remaining Council Tax bill for 2007. I would have paid it off but they added another £85 so I thought 'sod them they can wait'. I paid most of it but they will get the balance over the next 2 months. It is such a relief to know that both my council tax and my rent arrears have been almost paid off and will soon be wiped out. Such a feeling of satisfaction. Now I can start paying this year's bill only one month late.


Mei Del said...

your boys opened your post? i woulda given mine a right bashing (lol) actually my children never notice any mail and there's always pile up by the door unless it looks important - like uni or bank or insurance stuff - then I put them on their door - they sometimes still miss that!!!!

i pay my council tax monthly - it's still a lot of money that goes out and i compared last year's figures to this year and it's gone up by £6 pm!

Casdok said...

New laptop!! How exciting!! :)

Gypsy said...

Nothing feels better than getting rid of some debt. Just think...rich people never get to have that thrill...:)

Lady in red said...

Mei my boys are the same it was only because they knew it was my new laptop that they even noticed. If it was normal post I would have found it on the doormat where they would have stepped on it on their way in. kids eh

Lady in red said...

Casdok it is lovely to see you still visiting are you enjoying your break?

I am very excited about my new laptop.

Lady in red said...

Gypsy I am a strong believer that you can't appreciate the good times unless you have had the bad times.

somebody said...