Sunday, 18 May 2008

feeling pleased with myself

I knew I was right to do it

I got the whole of my old bed into the boot of my little 3 door hatchback. If I hadn't smashed it to bits with my little mallet I would never have got half of it in there. But as it was I managed one trip with the bits of bed plus all the wrapping and half the box together with all the rubble sacks of hedge trimmings that DC has been promising to take to the tip for the past 2 weeks!! That boy never keeps any of his promises. second trip was second half of the box, the matress and an old bike frame.

During all this I managed to lacerate my little finger in a thorn from the pyracanthas prunings that I ahd forgotten about and break the last of my nails. Why is it that for months my nails have been growing nicely then just when I am finally about to meet Romeo all my nails have broken. It is now looking like I shall have to resort to the false ones again for the second time ever. Although I am not painting them scarlet this time I think a more sedate gold will be more appropriate after all that is the colour I have painted my toe nails this time. I have made my decision about what to wear and I don't even know where we are going!

The second trip to the tip was meant to be on the way to dropping Et off at the station where he was meeting a group of friends to go to the beach!!!

But he decided that he didn't really want to go to to the city which today saw its biggest crowds ever for the celebration tour of the football team after yesterday's win at Wembly. So we visited my mum for half an hour. ET said that he didn't feel like going with his mates but he didn't want to stay at home all day. So he suggested going to get his suit for the school Prom next month. He wasn't keen on getting a suit from Asda but as I am on a get as much as I can for my money drive at the moment he agreed to see what there was at the hypermarket near where I work.

We took the scenic route over the hill as I use the motorway every weekday and we were in no hurry. I love the views from up there but as we were on a mission and I didn't have my camera with me we didn't stop. I probably would have done if I had my camera with me. So the next half hour or so was taken up by looking at trousers, jackets and shirts. ET is about 5'9" but very slim (skinny really) rather like I was as a teenager. Don't laugh its true I was a skinny teen it was in my twenties when I started my family that it all went to pot. So it was a case of finding the smallest size in everything. He has chosen a plain black jacket and trousers along with a plain black shirt, but he wants an orange tie. Now only an idiot would expect Asda to have a bright orange tie in store so I am currently bidding on ebay for one. With 29 mins left to go I am highest bidder @ £7.50. So we came away from Asda with Jacket, trousers and shirt all for £32.00.

I also got some school trousers for JA who seems to be aiming to make me do sewing every single day as he constantly bursts the seems of his current pair. Now at 12 yrs JA is a little under 5', I know this without measuring him because he is slightly shorter than my grand height of 5' and a bit (don't forget that 'bit' it is very important). But he is a little on the porky side. So it was no good getting him a pair for age 12. I found a pair of age 13 to 14 but they were blue, they have to have dark grey. so I came home with age 14 to 15 these fit perfectly around the waist but are too long so I still have some sewing to do turning them up. I am also bidding for something on ebay for JA. A new bike he managed to break the suspension on his a couple of weeks ago. With 5 mins to go I am highest bidder at £10.00 for a brand new bike!!

I am feeling quite pleased with myself.......OK I just won the bike (someone else started bidding in the last minute so it was touch and go in the end but I won it for £29.02 and also got the tie (RRP £19.99) for £7.50. How pleased am I? I think I may be getting hooked on ebay.

I am somewhat unhappy with my neighbour this afternoon. It hasn't been a particularly warm or even sunny day. It has threatened rain a few times but late this afternoon I decided to risk putting my washing on the line. But wait what is that smell......hmmm could it be bbq oh damn nextdoor is playing happy families and having a bbq right against the fence that divides our gardens. Why couldn't they take their bbq to her boyfriend's house it isn't far away just nextdoor but one on the other side of me but far enough away to not affect my washing grrrrrrrrr.

Whilst I was cooking dinner this evening my doorbell rang. JA called me to the door. It was Posh Bird. My first instinct was that something must be wrong but then she held out a big bunch of flowers.

What are those for?

they are for you

but why

for feeding my cat for me so often

lol I really don't I need to find some space for them. thanks they are lovely.

She really didn't need to do that. We ahve always fed each other's cat when one or other of us is away, we have been doing this for 11 years. But I guess she felt that as she she wanted to as she has been going away every other weekend to spend time with her boyfriend since last summer. I did joke that she only got me to join the same company so she can ask me to feed her cat. Obviously I know that is not true.


Mei Del said...

yes ebay is very addictive - i am now very good and only watch stuf rather than participate in bidding. after all ihave resolved not to buy anymorethings unless they're edible ...

the poor darling got stuck in the traffic on the north circ as he was making his way to see his kids yesterday evening - he texted me to say i think portsmouth won, but i am very late! lol

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