Saturday, 24 May 2008


Why is it that what should be a nice simple saturday turns into one of the more complicated ones.

All Week JA has been asking if I can take him to the village on Saturday morning. His friend is having a few mates round for his birthday. They are going to this place but have to pay for themselves. So he told me that he wanted me to take him to the village where Daz lives. But could I take 3 of them to the playzone. He kept phoning Daz to find out what was happening. He wanted me to take him to Daz's for 9.30am they were going to playzone at 10am I assumed he meant to be there for 10am. My plan was to drop them off then dash back to our town to collect my computer that I had taken in for repair last week. I also wanted to get some more paint for my bedroom. As we are leaving home JA says he had forgotten to get a card for Daz so we went to the local garage, anyway I needed to get some money for him. So by the time we ahve done this it is about 9.35 when we get to Daz's house I say I will turn my car around (its a cul-de-sac). He says come back for us at 10

hang on a minute you mean you had me drop you off at 9.30 expect me to go away then return in half an hour?


no way I am not spending my whole day driving to and from here.

It is then agreed that I will come back between 10 and 10.30am. So off I go to collect and pay for my computer. when I get there I am asked to come back in 1 1/2hrs

'It should be ready if you come back around 12 noon.'
Off I then go to get some satin paint for the woodwork in my bedroom. Again I got my paint at staff discount price 'for looking after us'.
Drop the paint off at home grab my sunglasses as the sun has now come out.

Back to the village collect 3 lads to take them to playzone. The smallest one is sat in the back watching my speedometre trying to get me to go faster go faster. 'My mum drives at 100'
WE hit the motorway doing 65 but are soon upto 90 but not for long as I ease off the pressure as we head into the roadworks which are so much quieter at 10.30 on a Saturday morning than they are at 7.15am on a weekday.

We arrive at playzone, I pay for JA and give Daz's dad my mobile number so he can let me know when to come back for them. We chat about computers and sons for a while. Then I get the phone call from 'Home'.

Mum do you know where my car keys are?

If they are not hanging up on the key hooks then how am I supposed to know?

He had gone out last night I didn't know where he went but he wasn't home when I went to bed at 1.45am

He has checked everywhere.....apparently he had gone out to his car in the evening but hadn't locked it. his car is unlocked and his keys are missing!!

What have I done to deserve a son like this. (yesterday he had schemed with OJ and bought a PS3 for around £400) it isn't as though he can afford to do this. He has looked everywhere I suggest. He has asked the friend who took him to The Other City last night where they went to a club. I suggested he phone the club but it was too early and he only got the answer service.

He makes a few phone calls and has now got a Suzuki locksmith coming out on Tuesday at a cost of £160.00. Tonight his band are playing in Basingstoke. I ahve been expecting him to ask if he could borrow my car again!! Whilst all this was going on I made a phone call to get our broadband service switched from Orange to Talk Talk. They have been trying to persuade me to do this ever since I changed our phone to Talk Talk which is free but no, in my infinite wisdom I preferred to pay £17pm to stay with Orange. I didn't want to have both with the same company.

But it isn't the money I will save that has convinced me it is that we cannot connect any of our laptops to the internet using the wireless connections yet DC says he can connect his at other people's homes where they have other networks like Talk Talk. We will see.

So I have now gone back to the computer repair shop paid my money and have a fully cleaned up computer with newly installed internal wireless card. Next its back on the motorway and off to Playzone again. gathering up the 5 boys and 1 girl we head back west again. This time I am being urged to 'catch them .....over take ......yay we are past them' much excitement as the two cars vie for the lead on the way home. Finally the other car is ahead of mine as we reach the (mile long) slip road, there is lots of arm waving from windows which resulted in the other driver losing his book out of the window. When we reach our destination the lads run in to join their friends for a bbq whilst I go home at last for aquiet afternoon and evening. By quiet I mean quiet. JA is sleeping over at Daz's, ET is going to a friend's party and wont be home until the morning, DC has a gig in Basinstoke (if they ever get there). OJ is the only one home tonight but even he has an indoor soccer match. So I shall have an hour on my own on a saturday night (novelty or what).

Back home and ET asks if I can take him to New Town for the party later. DC finally gets hold of his drummer and asks if he can borrow my car so he can lend Drummer some money for petrol so he can then take them all to Basingstoke in his car. Well thats a relief at least he hasn't asked to use my car for the night. So he drives off to New Town but is back about an hour later in time fro me to drive to New Town with ET.

As we are eating our dinner OJ asks me what time we are leaving

'what do you mean? don't you have a lift?

So 8.15pm just as I am in the middle of writing this I take him here for his match which then becomes 2 matches as his team are asked to play a friendly against a team who didn't have any opponents. It is interesting that this venue is next door to the place where I was this morningt o buy my paint. I was a little surprised when the lads had finished their match before the second one the manager came over to say hello to me. He asked where my lad was as he had seen me sitting by the pitch but he couldn't see him. I pointed out that my lad had been in goal, he didn't recognise OJ because he had assumed it was the talented footballer that is DC who was playing. DC started going there for fun weeks of football triaining and competitions from the age of 9. He had shone as an outstanding player but they decided after he had won Junior Player of the week a few times that they just couldn't keep giving him he award every time but they still felt he was the best player.

So today has been a day of doing things twice.

Going to Playzone twice

Going to computer repair shop twice

Going to paint/soccer centres twice

my car has been to New Town twice


Mei Del said...

wow how you keep up! haha i remember the days when i stopped working and told people that my new job was taxi driver (to the older 2) and bum wiper (to the younger 2). now the older 2 can drive and have their own bangers i try and get them to help with the taxi service for the lil boys too.

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG! I think I would have run away screaming if this had been happening in our house!

Lady in red said...

Mei it has been a lot easier since DC has had his own car except when he needs to borrow my car like today he has used it to go to band practice in Brighton of all places!

OJ is waiting before he starts driving but he has friends who drive so he doesn't always need my taxi. But he left his phone on the train on Friday so couldn't arrange a lift.

Lady in red said...

dj I have learnt to take it in my stride and don't get too stressed too often.

Is it getting any easier for you having N1s living with you now?

DJ Kirkby said...

N1S moved back to his mom's ages ago, she always changes her mind, nice way to screw with your kid's head, she is a real expert at that...

somebody said...