Saturday, 17 May 2008

Are you sick of it yet?

The bed got made by me with some help from ET. Wow it is high I almost need a ladder to get onto it. The matress is about 3 times deeper than the old one. It is really comfortable and not a spring to be felt. My old matress had got to the stage where I could shove my foot inside the springs. I have taken pictures of the work in progress but as yet not uploaded them as I can't find the cable to connect my phone to the computer.

To my dismay I woke up this morning with a headache but not only that but backache too. This concerned me as the idea of getting this new bed was to wake up without backache. I bought an orthopaedic matress for heavens sake. But then it occurred to me that it wasn't sleeping in the bed that gave me backache. It was the hard work smashing up the old bed then building the new one that had caused the muscles to seize up giving me backache.

Today I took the computer that won't recognise the wireless adapter into our local computer repair shop. He tested the USB ports as we were not sure if that was the problem as it didn't recognise the adapter no matter which USB port we used. They work well, he tested the adapter that is fine he says the problem is that we have a virus in the computer. There is an error message because a file is missing, I had been ignoring it ....silly me!!. So he is going to clean up the computer on all profiles. How embarrasing will it be if it turns out it was me who got the virus. Anyway when we get it back the boys will have that computer in their room ao there will be no reason for them to go into my room unless it is to talk to me.

Whilst I was at the repair shop my mum rang me, I told her that I would ring her back. But as I was going to go to Asda which means going past the end of her road I called in to see her instead. It turns out that she was only going to tell me that she was going to watch the FA Cup after all. So I ended up staying and watching the match with her. while we were watching it I got a text from Posh bird saying....

your flag is inside out

strange text to get so I rang her back, it seems that JA had hung the flag his dad gave him yesterday from his bedroom window only it was back to front. Posh Bird must have seen it from her kitchen when she was topping up her wine glass.

I am not at home lol

LiR you should be here drinking wine with us lol

lol instead I'm at my mum's drinking tea

lol oh LiR I know what you are like with wine

I rang home and spoke to JA then I got another text from Posh Bird

thats better :-)

Its funny how some people change according to who they work with. Posh Bird has become a follower of fashion in that she is now a fan of the local team. Now I know from when I used to take her son with me that Posh Bird never had any interest in football (she hated it). Some people think Posh Bird and my boss are joined at the hip as they have become firm friends. My boss is a very keen supporter of the local team and our MD is a season ticket holder and managed to get 8 yes 8 tickets for the FA Cup final. I didn't see him in the crowd though.

I sent a text to Aunty telling her the latest development in the Romeo saga, I wasn't expecting a reply for hours as I knew she was working. But I got a reply within half an hour.

Go for it! X

if you want to know what has happened I posted it last night on Battle


Mei Del said...

ok racing over to battle now

Spiky Zora Jones said...

Which team do you support? And who won...I have to know.

I don't know where battle is...I'm new. :(

I know football is a different than in the states...but I still catch a game here and there on several channels. I love sports.

My team in the states is The Oakland Raiders...The Black and Silver.


Lady in red said...

hi Mei I see you did race over there lol

Lady in red said...

hello spiky welcome, I have seen you around. you can find battle by clicking on the link in my side bar near the top. I don't really follow any team at the moment. But the team I was referring to was Portsmouth which is a city not far from us. yesterday they won the FA Cup final (the biggest competition in England) against Cardiff.

Mel said...

<-- knew who won!

(Only cuz himself has a kiddo in Portsmouth that called utterly elated and a bit tipsy. LOL)

Here's hoping for a restful, replenishing night's rest on that new bed!

DJ Kirkby said...

Play up Pompey!!!! Sure hope it isn't the new bed that caused that neck and backache!Am I going to blush if I go read about R on Battle?

Lady in red said...

mel who would have thought it that you would have a relly over on this side of the pond let alone one so close to here.

Lady in red said...

dj now why would you blush? btw I found those books of erotic short stories in waterstones the otherday but couldn't remember which one it was that you were included in. I would have bought it even if it did mean blushing when I paid for it.

I really must get back to doing some creative writing, I just don't seem to have much inspiration these days for anything erotic or otherwise.

somebody said...