Sunday, 25 May 2008

Its all good

Well I didn't get to stay in bed for long this morning as I was summoned in the guise of taxi for ET who was ready to return home from the party held by his namesake over in New Town. When we got home both OJ and DC were now up. DC wanted to borrow my car to drive to Brighton with his band for practice. They practice every Sunday but I am not sure why they now practice in Brighton except that the Drummer lives there when he is not at his mother's place in New Town. I knew I stll had to collect JA and get some food for this evening so I dashed out to asda while DC had his shower, but when I got to Daz's house I rang the bell and knocked the door repeatedly but got no answer so finally I rang home to ask if Joe had written Daz's number down as I had asked him to do. He had, OJ gave me the number so I was able to phone them. JA asked if Sam could come back with us to help him. SF had said he would come round to help JA put his new bike together. We don't have the right size of allen keys apparently.

Surprise surprise SF rang just as he was supposed to be here saying he will do it tomorrow ......yeah right!!! Tomorrow there will be another excuse. Why does he do that?

Having set my laptop p to play some of my music I got myself organised and spent the next few hours painting the my fitted cupboard. I guess it was originally painted pure white but that was before we moved in 11 years ago it was now an off white that is until I painted it this colour. It is whimsical which I guess matches my mood.

I have painted the cupboard doors all six of them and done two coats on the door of the room which was varnished wood. Tomorrow I have the skirting boards and window sill to do before I start on the walls which will be Vanilla Cream.

I have moved the desk top computer that was in my room into the room shared by OJ, ET and JA. JA is very pleased t be able to use the net in their room. I feel quite liberated now that my new laptop is wireless. so far today I have used it in my room, livingroom and had it playing to me whilst I was in the kitchen peeling spuds.

I have been feeling quite decadent this evening. Sitting on my bed watching this dvd on my laptop, eating passionfruit and peach frozen yoghurt with a bottle of red grape spritzer. Now I am blogging again with my music playing as I sit on my new bed feeling that life is being good to me at the moment. Perhaps 2008 is going to be my year. I feel quite content. I have my boys around me, I have been able to make a lot f improvements in our lives and sort out my most pressing debts and of course I am lucky enough to have a job I enjoy plus the promise of romance with a man who has come to mean a lot to me. apart from wishing that he was here with me what more could I want?


Mei Del said...

yes it sounds like it's coming together for you. laptops are liberating aren't they? keeping fingers crossed for you on the romeo front, all love xx

Emma said...

Sounds great, Lady, about time too darl, you deserve it...xx

Bollinger Byrd said...

decadence is it!
long may it last.
here's to all your dreams coming true this year hon.

Mel said...

Lovely colours!

Every piece of colour we can add to our lives is an investment well made.

You just keep embracing all the good stuff, ma'am. Ain't it cool?!

somebody said...