Thursday, 22 May 2008

change of name maybe

I am thinking of changing my name to

Giggling lady


Blushing lady

As you know a large part of my work involves talking on the phone. Here is a small sample of a few of today's calls.

Hi this is Andy from *****

crumbs does Raj know you are phoning, he didn't believe you had placed an order before

lol, well he does now, do you treat Raj the same way you do me?

yes ........giggle giggle

can I ask you to check something for me

aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh maaaaybeeeeeeee ........giggle

how long can you keep that up

how long do you want me to?

ummmmm I think I will ring back when theres no one around

then there was this call

good morning LiR I am hoping you will say yes

ummm I never say yes........giggle

well mabye sometimes

have I made you blush?


do you have such a thing as ***********?

yes sure we do.......giggle

can you check the price to us

ok but what company is it?

what was that?

are you going to tell me what company you are?


ok its Clark H E R

ah is that Bill?

how did you know is it cos I'm the craziest man ever?

lol well I knew it wasn't LV, I have not heard from him all week

no hes got a bad back hes been off work all week Mandy will start panicking soon

hope you get better soon LV


Mei Del said...

you're lucky work is such fun - i think u should stick to lady in red - cos in red you can do al those things like flirt and giggle and blush. plus it gives you that edgy sound. just my tuppence ha'p'worth

Vi said...

You're such a flirt! *giggle*

having my cake said...

Ive always found that men respond far more favourably to a happy, engaging phone operative... :)

Emma said...

Whatever you change to you will always be Lady in Red to me, or at least Lady!..xx

DJ Kirkby said...

Raj is your boss? Raj from SMH????

Lady in red said...

Mei I do enjoy my work but it is also very tiring some days the phone and fax machine are relentless we are constantly chasing our tails but we always have time to make conversation with our customers no matter how busy we are. It is the rest of the work that suffers. I have worked out that if I did a 9 hour day instead of 8 (ok I mostly work an extra half hour anyway and am always being told to 'go home LiR') Or perhaps if we switched the phones off for the last hour. I just might get all my work done.

But as you say I am very lucky to have found a job that I enjoy so much

Lady in red said...

Vi I know isn't it fun giggle

Lady in red said...

Cake I believe in answering the phone with a smile on my face. They might not see it but they will hear it. I am sure that when I first started this job I must have come across as very serious but now I am over the nerves and know what I am doing most of the time and when I don't I know enough to bluff it I am sure I must be coming across as cheerful which puts other people in a better mood even if they were cross when they started.

Lady in red said...

emma I think I shall be Lady in Red for a long time yet

Lady in red said...

dj no I don't work as SMH and Raj was just a name I plucked out ot the ether. btw I have passed on your reply to my boss. You do realise that I work in sales which is not everyone's cup of tea, I certainly never thought it would be mine.

somebody said...