Thursday, 29 May 2008

just a moment

Just as I was having a maltesers moment

I got a phone call on my direct line.......(funny after all these months, I have only ever given my direct number out twice ). There was then a brief conversation about spaghetti which was followed by talk of these.

As I am sure you know we had even more rain this afternoon, which is such a pity considering this morning I needed to wear these.

This is only a quick post tonight as I have things to do in preparation for my night away from home.

Do you remember a few months ago it was proposed that bloggers should compile a book of short stories from our lives. The book is to be sold with all profits going to the charity WAR CHILD.

I can now tell you that the book is very close to being available to buy, so please all buy a copy or more. I did write a piece to go in the book but as yet I don't know whether it did make it into the book, however I shall find out very soon. In the meantime here is a preview of the book's cover, so just keep yiur eyes peeled and look out for it in the shops very soon.