Tuesday, 6 May 2008

How complicated can it be?

Last week I checked the year planner on the wall of my boss's office, the weeks are filled with highlighter and names. There are currently 4 of us who have to fit our holidays around each other. Myself, BG who works part time doing the same work as me, Bob who is full time but although he helps out when we are busy he is doing more of a sales analysis job these days and our boss. BG and Boss have both got most of their leave booked already. BG also has some unpaid leave to cover days during the summer when she has no one to look after her young children. Anyway last week I noticed that next week is empty and as it is now May I thought maybe I would treat myself to a few days leave. I thought perhaps I would make it another long weekend and have next Monday and Tuesday off. This worked out quite well when I ordered my new bed as they can deliver it on Tues 13th May.

However on arriving at work today I asked if I could have next Monday and Tuesday off. But I can't. My boss is going to be at a Trade Fair working for two days then she is out visiting customers on Wednesday and out again on Thursday. The following week Bob is due to be out of the office visiting customers then my boss is going on holiday for a couple of weeks. Then BG is in on alternate days for the next week. Bob and I have now booked a week each in August even though neither of us have any plans, just so that we do manage to get a holiday.

Now going back to having my bed delivered. It might be ok if it is delivered on Tuesday morning and I can get into work by lunch time as my Boss doesn't have to be at the Trade Fair until 1pm, an hour away from our office. This means being there by midday, It takes approx 30 mins to get there from home so I would be leaving home by 11.30am latest. Now when I agreed to the delivery being on Tuesday I was told they would call me a couple of days earlier to book either a morning or an afternoon slot. I would guess that a morning slot goes upto 1pm (they usually do). So what are my chances if I book a morning slot that my bed will be delivered before 11.30am. I could choose an afternoon slot as ET will be home from school by 2.45 and OJ home from College by 3pm on Tuesdays. But what is the betting that if I select an afternoon slot they will arrive before 2.45pm.

I have asked my lovely mummy if she can house sit but she has a Dr's appointment that morning and is on a course in the afternoon. Another alternative is to change the date of delivery but which day and how long would I then have to wait ......I don't want to wait for my bed sob sob I want it now or at least next week. I don't suppose they deliver on saturdays...that would be asking too much.

I want my bed!!!!!!!!!!!