Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A quiet day!

It started out a quiet day.
Arriving at work I could hardly talk. This made talking on the telephone difficult.
An unexpected outburst by the lemon chewer meant that we were both left stewing in mute animosity. Where we would normally take it in turns to answer the phone I would have appreciated a little co-operation with the phones whilst I was struggling. Instead I was facing a stoney silence from across our desks. It was becoming increasingly obvious that she was not just not helping me out she was actively avoiding answering the phone unless I was already on the phone.

The day continued in relative silence. Punctuated only with phone calls and my coughs as I barked and retched my way through the day sometimes with tears streaming down my face. It would seem that todays plate of lemons was laced with crushed razor blades.

I understand that a case is being put together to remove the lemons from our day. Meetings have taken place and letters delivered. Time will tell.