Sunday, 4 January 2009


The lovely DJ Kirkby has awarded me this honesty award. Perhaps she is under the illuion that I am honest.

Below are the guidelines when winning the Honest Scrap award:

1. List 10 honest things about yourself (try to make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!)

2. Pass the award on to 10 bloggers

1. I had said that I would go to a football match this morning but when I got the text saying 'stay under your duvet the match is off' I have done just that.....stayed under my duvet. (it is -5 this morning!!)

2. When my boys were young I was treasurer of their playgroup, I am not very good with money but I enjoyed the challenge. I also enjoyed the power of calculating what the staff pay rises should be as well as the fees we charged the parents even if this power also scared the heck out of me.

3. When I was 19 I worked for an Insurance Company in London. We underwrote a policy for something called an 'Intelligent Pig' I believe it was a heavy Machinery but it was the inspiration for my first attempt at writing a children's story of the same name.

4. Sometimes I am to honest, my honesty can get me into trouble, I can be tactless at times in my honesty.

5. I have always been extremely shy. As a teenager I was always the shyest in my group of friends but strangely I was often the bravest too. If the rest of them were too scared to do something or go somewhere I would do it. Perhaps I have always been unbalanced.

6. I am even now very sceptical about the psychic world including tarot and horoscopes yet I find myself turning to these things in times of stress. I do though believe in fate and find myself noticing 'signs' more and more as I get older. Particularly in the medium of songs, especially songs that I have always liked but never really noticed the meaning behind the words until I hear it out of the blue at a time when those words mean something to me.

7. I love to write but I am often too lazy. I tend to write short stories because I need to write the whole piece in one sitting. If I have to go back to something the next day I rarely do. I have a folder full of projects I have started but don't have the drive to complete. Perhaps there will come a time when I have no distractions when I can sit down and complete some of them.

8. I love my boys to bits but I am not a very good mother. I have never had any control over my boys even when they were little they could run rings around me, but I do think I have managed to instil good values in them so that they are turning out to be good young men.

9. I intend to go to the gym today because although I have not weighed myself for months I know I have put on weight even though I have tried to eat properly. It is getting harder and harder to find clothes in my wardrobe that fit comfortably and I refuse to buy bigger sizes. I am still a couple of stone and 2 sizes smaller than I was before my divorce but even so 3 years ago I was a couple of stone and 2 sizes smaller than I am now.

10. All my life I have been a avid reader of books but since I began blogging I hardly ever pick up a book, I have 3 on the go at the moment, I have been reading them for months, in the past I would have read them in a couple of days.

Now I have to choose 10 bloggers to bestow this award on. Mei Del, Andrea Whatever, Rae, Cheekydani, Ronjazz, Having my Cake, Fat controller, Elaine, Nitebyrd and finally Wild Cat


Rach said...

Thanks LiR - This may take some thought but I will do it eventually...xx

having my cake said...

Thank you x Will do my best to fit it in over the next week or so :)

DJ Kirkby said...

Great answers!

Ronjazz said...

My, my... I don't get many awards. In fact, only one that I recall. Thank you, thank you!

Anonymous said...

wow! You're a hard act to follow, my dear. I have to seriously put on my thinking cap. I'll get it done over the weekend. Time to Zzz now. The holidays' officially over as of midnight. Back to the grind. Thanks for the award.

nitebyrd said...

Oh, my! I'll accept the award and do it at a later date. After two back to back MeMe's, I doubt anyone wants to hear more about me! LOL

I love learning more about my blogging friends, though!

Vincent said...

Ah, the Intelligent Pig. I think I know what that is: a thing that goes down a pipeline to separate two liquids or clean the pipe so that another liquid may be sent down it.

For example: you may have been storing crude oil in a tank, but now want to use it for molasses.

Sorry, it's my male engineer's brain, interested in the wrong things; but also grateful for not being nominated, tagged or memed because I'd never obey instructions anyhow.

I think you are extremely honest, even when you are lying.

Mel said...

*looks at the piles of books*

Yup. I know the syndrome.....

That was fun! And congratulations on the award, ma'am.

cheekydani said...

Gosh wow, thank you. It'll take some thinking about and not sure I know ten bloggers to pass it on to but I'll put my thinking cap on. At the very least my dear, you are right, I am honest :) x

Leon Basin said...

Hey, how is it going?

Anonymous said...