Thursday, 8 January 2009


A few days ago I told the story of how The Man first contacted me. We have been exchanging emails since 16th December. We have been exchanging texts since 28th December. We have even had a few telephone conversations (always followed by a thank you text or email).

I mentioned that I had been reading the advice Dani was getting from her male friend. He advised keeping the man waiting for a reply. So I followed that advice, on Tuesday. I received a text from The Man just before 8pm after I had sent him a joke from Rae. My natural instinct was to reply there and then but I didn't. I waited an hour and then another. By the time I was ready to settle for the night I hadn't heard from him again and although I really wanted to reply I figured that as it was now late it could wait until the morning.

In the morning there was still nothing. I decided to send him a simple text. Not saying much more than drive carefully. (I knew this was to be his first day back at work). Within minutes I received a long text back. Later there were a couple of joke emails from him.

This morning there was another long text telling me he was working from the office today and that in Feb he has to go to Switzerland for business.

This evening as I was stuck in traffic going home from work (the journey that normally takes about 30 mins took more than an hour) I was sat behind a car that was the same make as The Man had told me he drives. I followed this car until it turned off at the last turning before mine. By now I had convinced myself that this could be The Man. So I text him asking if his car is blue and was the reg **** *** . Half an hour later.................

Fancy a chat? x


It wasn't long before my phone rang. We chatted he told me about the type of business his company is in. He told me that it wasn't his car I had been folllowing. But he told me he would have turned down that road then taken the first right then left. He lives in the same road as Charlie. He asked me what I was cooking, he told me that spaghetti is his favourite food.

I must go now I have to phone my daughter.

ok lol

We should have a coffee together, we have done the emails and the text and we have talked on the phone, we should meet soon for a coffee. Plenty of notice though. lol

Six months lol.


Then about half an hour later another text.

lovely chat LiR. when I said coffee read 'drink' of your choice.........within reason I should say. x

So it looks like I will be meeting The Man sometime soon.

Btw I was chatting with Forest last night who seems to be very solicitous at the moment.


Mei Del said...

sounds like happy distractions, btw i'm still mulling over the meme you set me ...

cheekydani said...

Excellent... reel him in Lady, reel him in ;) I must let the fairy godfather know others are benefitting from his advice also... keep up the good work! x

Elaine said...

I think you're onto a winner!

Rach said...

Oooo I am getting really excited here, go get em girl...xx

MarmiteToasty said...

Sounds like you've 'pulled' :)


Fire Byrd said...

as our very own witch would say, and does to me frequently! Treat'em mean to keep 'em keen. And we know what she's like!!!

Mel said...

Well, there ya go!

Coffee.....there's a better drink than that?


Anonymous said...