Sunday, 18 January 2009

it only hurts when I cough

On Friday I woke up with a slightly sore throat, as the day progressed it got worse. Each phone call was agony trying not to cough in the caller's ear. Glass of water to hand was essential, a pack of maltesers helped too. I do crave chocolate when I have a sore throat as it eases the pain and it was clear that nothing else in the vending machine was going to be much help. By lunchtime I was begining to feel a little better (must have been the sinus capsules I had taken) but by the time I was ready to go home I didn't just feel crap but was told I looked crap too. Thanks I needed that!

Driving home I was thinking about an earlier email from The Man asking what I had planed for the weekend. I was contemplating suggesting we meet as the laugh would do me good. But by the time he called me I was feeling far too crap to consider going anywhere other than bed. I had treated myself to a tub of rum and raisin ice cream to sooth my throat. that worked but soon had me feeling sleepy ......................I think I overdosed on the rum flavouring.

Saturday I woke aching all over and feeling terrible but I forced myself to go out once I had taken more sinus capsules. I had to go to the local sorting office to retrieve the last of my recent batch of packages from ebay. Instead of going out and buying a coat from my mum I used the money to buy several. I now have 5 new jackets including one sheepskin and one leather and a watch for the money I would have got one coat for in the shops.

Visiting my mum I declined the obligatory cup of tea for a glass of water and more capsules. Finally the pain in my face began to subside but before I left to do my shopping I made a big mistake. When I say big I mean really BIG!!

'Mum I don't like your bathrom'

'lol why'

'I just stood on your scales ............they say that I am nearly as heavy now as I was at my biggest!!'

'which ones? there are two sets'

'the white ones by the radiator'

'try the blue ones under the wash basin'

I jog (notice I jog not walk) back up the stairs, find the old blue scales that I remember from the year dot. heave a big sigh of relief.

'thats better I lost a stone in 2 minutes'

still not good and I definitely need to get to the gym pronto but at least it isn't as bad as it had first seemed.

So now I am determined to do something about this added weight. It is a long time since I weighed myself but I knew I was putting on weight by how I feel oh and my clothes cutting me in half................I simply refuse to buy bigger clothes as that would be giving myself permission to be bigger.

I need to be more active.

Today I am feeling fitter than yesterday in that I don't ache but the pile of tissues by my side is growing as I cough and sneeze my way through the morning.


Perhaps it wasn't such a great idea to attack the remaing half of the divan that has resided outside my backdoor for the last 6 months. I need to get it removed and taken to the amenity tip, but it is too big for my car so needs to be broken up. I have given up asking the offspring who are not man enough for the job!

So this afternoon I set about attacking it with my heavy mallet. Although I didn't quite complete the job I did manage most of it before I became too weak to even lift the mallet. I was left shattered but then so was the bed. Perhaps now that I have done the majority of it ET can be persauded to finish it for me. Next is the old sofa that has been sitting there rotting for far too long. By the start of the spring I intend to have my patio clear of all the old tat that has been sitting there.

It wasn't long before I was asleep again. I am still feeling weak but pleased I did it. My stepper has also been pulled out from under the table.


Rach said...

Aww bless you, I hope you feel better soon..xx

cheekydani said...

Urk, poor thing, take care of yourself and rest as much as you need to. Hope you feel better soon x

DJ Kirkby said...

Oh no, you've succumbed to the dreaded lurgy that is making its way through our city! Hope you are feeling much better by the 26th! I want you to be able to enjoy yourself!

Anonymous said...

wow! That sounds terrible. How about sipping hot camomile tea with honey all through the day?

Fat Controller said...

There's a lot of it about...over here as well. I've been feeling like I have a golfball stuck in my throat these last few days and one of our assistants has been really poorly. Get well soon!

Fire Byrd said...

maltesers are a new one on me, but if they work.....
Get better soon, I need you to have a social life I can read about!

Mel said...

Ohmygosh....are you NUTS?!

Let someone else do the smashing honours with the mallet?

Just sayin'....

Please take care of you.


(gotta love that second scale!)


Anonymous said...