Thursday, 22 January 2009


All week I have been good. There has been no bread, pastry, no sweet things.

All week I have had my bowl of cereal in the morning. For two days I have allowed myself one single snack a jack cake (didn't realise they were cakes) during the long morning between breakfast at 6.30 and lunch at close on 2pm.

Lunch this week has consisted of 3 x crackers with low fat cottage cheese followed by a snack size low fat yoghurt.

Dinner this week has consisted of jacket potato and cauliflower cheese on monday. cottage pie on tuesday and on wednesday jacket potato, cheese and beans.

Today though has been different.

Today I had my early morning cereal then nothing until I got home at 2.15 and treated myself to a wholemeal cheese and onion sandwich followed by 3 squares (if you can call them squares) of galaxy chocolate.

After the last few days I deserve chocolate and after all I did buy it for medicinal purposes. Slowly sucking a square of milk chocolate coats and soothes my throat, which in turn eases my coughing so that I can catch up on some much needed sleep.


Troy said...

Are you sure "jack cakes" are cakes? They ought to make it more obvious. Do you get your chocolate on prescription?

I think we'll be meeting at the book launch next Monday.

Mei Del said...

what book launch?

btw i wholly applaud your sucking of chocolate squares xx

Fire Byrd said...

sucking choc squares is a lovely way to eat them. makes them last a good long time so you can feel that you've eaten far more. Only issue I have is Galaxy..... ugh! Has to be Cadburys nothing else will do!

Rach said...

I prefer plain but if it's milk it has to be galaxy, Mum bought me a pack of four Galaxy Ripple's yesterday.....oooo heaven...xx

nitebyrd said...

Chocolate is definitely a miracle drug!

Sleep well, LIR.

cheekydani said...

You've inspired me. Think I might go get some Galaxy and climb back into bed... x

Mel said...

Oh dear.......with or without a Galaxy bar--feel better soon!

Anonymous said...