Monday, 5 January 2009


I was just reading Cheekydani's post about the mystery of men. While I was reading my Belgian friend came on line. We often discuss our love lives. This is how our conversation went this evening


how's you ?

im good


how are you?

am fine, thanks :)

has there been any snow on the south coast ?

it tried to snow as I was going to work then during the morning it snowed but didn't settle


it started snowing here in Belgium last night and it seems traffic was a nightmare.. which made me laugh, as it was barely 2 inches

in Switzerland life goes on, no matter the amount of snow.. lol

apparently luton airport was shut for an hour beacuse of snow

there was some snow in Scotland and the Midlands, I think


so have you met your local guy yet ? :)

sowwyy.. I'll mind my own business.. ;)

not yet but we chatted on phone last night and exchanged texts today


I was just reading some male advice on dating............... to not reply too quickly


men ! 8-)

apparently we should keep theman waiting for a reply

oic.. the hunter thing, eh ? ;)

could be


just curious.. do you like macho men ?

define macho

the ones who think they're God's gift to women and who think it's up to them to pull and not the other way around.. ;)


phewww ;)

I like men who are honest and loyal but know what they want

good :)

cant be doing with men who are either arrogant or ditherers

When I hear what men can be upto, I can be soooo ashamed to be a man.. :(

is it because you think women like 'macho men' that you don't understand what C sees in you?

pass.. lol


I forgot

please forgive me


you are now officially

an old man


happy belated birthday

I know.. 47 :(

thanks :)

heee heeee I get to be 46 for a few more months lmao


so how does it feel?

awful rofl

awwww poor you

so because the end is obviously near, I'll take C out for a nice dinner tomorrow :)

why is the end near?

47 ! lol

don't forget men are like wine

wine that's too old might turn into vinegar.. lol

ha ha


I was just thinking if being 47 makes you take women out for a nice dinner ........................

when will you be back here?

next week probably.. it'll depend on my GP calling me back to arrange an appointment for my offshore medical..


was going to say...............there is a local woman you could take for a nice meal if you are feeling the need to now that you are so old ;p

I'm pretty sure nobody wants me anymore now that I am so old.. ;)


I know of a good retirement home over your way

but I could do so :)

oh really ? lol

should I reserve a place for you

in the retirement home ? nahh.. not yet.. lol

ok glad to hear it....................I' sure theres some life left in you yet

I hope so ! lol.. So do you know where this local woman would like to go for a nice meal ? ;)

not a clue

It wasn't my intention but as the conversation progressed I seem to have got myself a dinner date once Traveller is back in UK. (did I mention he has 4 homes). Mind you we did talk about meeting for a drink a few months ago but didn't. I have been talking to him for a few years now and although he is only down the road in 'The Other City' we have never met.


Elaine said...

Good for you! I love it how seemingly innocent conversations can turn into something completely unexpected!

cheekydani said...

Good for you! Like I said, got to have a few on the go at the same time until one realises how amazing you are and how devastated he'd be to lose you to someone else... :) x

Mel said...

......well, that took no time at all!


nitebyrd said...

Never leave an opportunity unexplored. You go, girl! LOL

Fire Byrd said...

The Lady is back!!!!
So that's how many men you are communicating with at the moment?

Lady in red said...

Elaine how could I resist such a charming man and he has promised to behave.

Lady in red said...

Dani it looks like the list of men not to reply to straight away is growing.

cheekydani said...

Oh yes, why is that? x

Lady in red said...

Mel do you think it will take another 2.5 yrs to get to the second dinner date.

Lady in red said...


I think I shall try a little exploring.

Lady in red said...

Fire byrd I wouldn't exactly say I was back yet but I'm on my way.

The number of men I am communicating with .......... now let me see there is
The Man
not sure I should divulge any others at this point

Rach said...

Ooo this all sounds like lots of fun, enjoy darl...xx

Lady in red said...


when I got home today I found an email from a certain blogger that started with this line....

Well I suppose I can't expect an instant reply from you now?


Lady in red said...

Rae at the moment I am really struggling with my instinct to reply to a text that I received 3 hours ago.

Should I reply now as I have made him wait long enough or do I stay silent to see if I get another text.

the last one follwed your joke that I forwarded

'Nice 1 LiR, Like the way you think' x

what do you think? reply now or leave him waiting?

cheekydani said...

Hehe... those rules only apply if you like someone and they're not treating you as you want them to and deserve - not if you are happy with the relationship. So yes, of course reply to aforementioned blogger if you're happy with how things are with them!


cheekydani said...

As for the text... if you want more, leave them waiting! What was he really saying in that text? x

Anonymous said...


I think you are a lovely woman. I just started reading your blog and must say I seriously doubt it will be another 2.5 yrs before you have another dinner date with a man who "only" lives down the road a bit especially if he's truly charming..


Anonymous said...