Tuesday, 6 January 2009

A cold day


It certainly was cold as the forcasters had said.

As I expected my car was covered in frost but suprisingly it was easily scraped off this morning.

Frost removed I started to drive along roads white from the salt laid down in recent weeks.

-4 was the temperature showing on my dashboard.

Arriving at work just after sunrise, how lovely to notice that the mornings are becoming lighter.

Once I was in the office I settled down to the days work.

I jumped out of my skin when the fire alarm above my head went off at about 8.45am

Grabbing coats and handbags we all trooped out to the assembly point wondering if this was for real or was it a practice. Once everyone had been accounted for we were allowed back inside so it was clear that this was a practice.

Someone has a very cruel sense of humour!!!

The staff in the warehouse were having a meeting. We later heard from our manager that the meeting had been to inform the warehouse staff they need to agree to either reduce their daily hours or change to a four day week. There is not enough work for them to continue with current staff levels.

It is not yet known if this will have a knock on effect with the office staff. Us girls ploughed our way through the constant onslaught of phone calls and faxes, our customers appear to be making up for the xmas break. Making a mockery of the meeting going on downstairs. But we know this unexpected early rush from our customers is only temporary.


Rach said...

I am keeping everything crossed for you darl...xx

Lady in red said...

Rach thanks honey, for the time being at least I know I am safe. The money crisis before xmas was averted. The Company is clamping down on unnecessary costs which includes staff with nothing to do.

But whatever else happens unless the company folds which it shouldn't do if we manage to tread water. There will always be a need for at least one person to take the orders. Even if the sales team is reduced to one, unless I do something truly terrible I will be the last member of the team to go. The Reps on the road are more likely to go first.

So I am not really worried for myself but I do care about how it affects other staff.

cheekydani said...

Such a frightening time for so many people... no idea how/when this will end but I hope it is swiftly.

Hang in there honey, with the rest of us!


Mel said...


Last week there were layoffs in our bitty town. One of them had almost thirty years in.
Makes no sense to me--but I'm not about the dollar, so I wouldn't...

Tough times all around.

MarmiteToasty said...

Fingers toes and eyes crossed for you......

life aye..... its what we sign up for..


Anonymous said...