Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Men and books

It has mostly been a good day for me.

After a manic few weeks work has finally slowed down giving us a little breathing space although there is still plenty to keep us busy. Not that the lemon chewer can see that. She now thinks that there is not enough work for all three of us and she will be out of a job in 2 weeks. she doesn't understand that the work we have been doing for the 4 months since she joined us is in reality only the tip of the iceberg for us. There is so much more to our work that we just have not had time to do in recent months. I, for one, am looking forward to getting a chance to get down to the real work.

Anyway, I digress, as it was more my intention to describe my morning, or to be more precise, the activity of my mobile phone. First there was the joke which arrived at 10.07am . Then there was the observation of the weather together with a comment about being on a train twiddling thumbs. It was 10.16am by then, this time as it was quiet I replied. Possibly a mistake as that was the start, 5 more text messages before 11am. Including a comment about it being time for a coffee, to which I replied that mine is tea, white no sugar (predictable I know). I then sent him a picture of my mug on my desk. He liked the red lipstick print on the white enamel. After this exchange it all went quiet for an hour, I am guessing that was when he was making his way to his destination (Earls Court).

The afternoon was quiet, but when I arrived home I found that I had received a photo (bottle of red wine and glass) two hours earlier and I hadn't noticed. Then at 8.30pm the text started again until 10pm when he said goodnight. to which I said .................goodnite x. Much to my suprise at 10.33pm I got ..............

thank you for my 'x' LiR. xx

Hmmm I wonder how much longer this will continue, will he eventually ask me out or is he waiting for me to ask him out right.

I have not been feeling very well this evening, my throat is sore again and I feel generally unwell, but I was cheered up by a phone call from my mum. She wanted to tell me that she has been reading DJ's book and although she finds the story of DJ's life fascinating it is the way it is writen that had my mum excited. I have never heard her this excited about reading a book (she is always reading 3 or 4 books at any one time.) DJ my mum says your book is beautifully written. There are many authors ie Wilbur Smith whose books are written so well that you feel as though you were there, but she has never written anything so beautifully written as this book. For those of you who don't know the book I am talking about is ................. From Zaftig to Aspie. I am looking forward to reading it myself once mother has finished with it. In the mean time I have Chopper's book to read.


cheekydani said...

Hey Lady, gosh, this man's a mystery! Why not ask you out?! Perhaps it is time to just ask him whether he wants to meet? It's about time really - what if, God forbid, you don't like each other, best limit the potential disappointment sooner rather than later. And if you do like each other, get down to the reason you're both here!

Hope you feel better soon honey, more Galaxy? x

Mei Del said...

cheekyd makes such sense, but i think you should try out nigel's law of dating on him too.

i will certainly look out for dj's book in the shops although i've given myself such a long reading list at the moment.

DJ Kirkby said...

OMG thank your mom for her compliment, I feel so honoured that she is enjoying my book so much. I can't wait to hear what you think of it and what you both think of Chopper's book. Who is this mystery man??? Huh? Who? Oh and Tell Mei when she gets to the bottom of her reading pile she can get my book from all the online stores, easy peasy. Or come to Waterstones where I will be doing signings as and when my work schedule and life allows. xo

cheekydani said...

Hmmm yes perhaps Mei is right... if you were following Nigel's Rules, you should wait two days before replying whenever he's not giving you want you need (ie a date). And then your reply is about you, how busy you've been with hints of the chance there are other men in your life. I had two texts from the South African which I replied to fairly quickly but got no response. Then I had one where I followed Nigel's Rules and I had an answer as to what was going on. It may not have been the answer I wanted but at least I knew not to spend any more time on this man.

These days I'm even waiting before I reply to guys who are doing what I want... keep them on their toes! And as such I have a second date with guy 13! And another guy wanting to take me out on the weekend also.

So maybe if you really do want a date with him, try Nigel's Rules?? If he asks why you're not replying, be honest and say it seems because he's not asking you out that he just wants to be friends, and you want more. At least you'll get an answer that way :)


Fire Byrd said...

Think Dani and nigel are right. there is nothing wrong with being honest if elusive when he doesn't respond.

Fire Byrd said...
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