Sunday, 2 March 2008

from bars to bras

'Are you going to the meet on Thursday?'

this text was completely out of the blue on tuesday while I was still at work. It was Harvey, he has joined the dating site that I am on (the one that has the social events like this one). Before Romeo came into my life I had left a message on the forum saying that I might go to the mid week social in february as I have not been to one for months and I was getting fed up with being stuck at home every night of every week. Romeo is away on business so I agreed to go as Harvey wanted to go but was too shy to go on his own as he wouldn't know anyone. (hmm thats what I did the first time I went). Romeo was fine with me going out for the evening with another man. He knows that I am only interested in him. He text me Thursday to tell me he would be there with me in spirit. (aww he is so special).

Harvey picked me up at 7.30. This was the first time I had seen him since November, by the time we reached the city we were trading insults like an old married couple. At first I was bored as I felt really strange being there. I was not looking for anyone romantically as I have my romeo so I felt a little out of place. I did chat to a University lecturer hes only been over here a few years, hes an Aussie, his family are spread all over Australia but h says he probably feels that Brisbane is his home more than anywhere else these days. I told him about my friend Vi going home to Oz for xmas and when JA first tuned into 'track santa' he was over the town where Vi was. How spookey was that?

I chatted to a few others I had never met before plus a few that I had including Ben who I had met at the speed dating (I did like him but like an idiot said yes to him as friend). He now tells me he had said yes. I did chat to Ben the last time I went to one of these events but there was a woman there who he had dated once or twice she was becoming his security guard not letting anyone else near him.

Being the nice guy that he is Harvey had offered a lift home to an older lady who had come by bus from the town where I work. (She was out of place at this event certainly out of any of the men there's league......oh no there was one she was chatting to for ages who might be good for her). I hope she finds happiness she seemed a lovely lady. so we had to take her home which is in the opposite direction for us. Harvey has to go through my town to get to his. I had wanted to get home early so that I could say good night to romeo but by the time I did get in it was far too late as he is in another time zone.

On the way home we had been chatting (as if we could manage silence!!) Harvey has asked me to do something to improve his profile as he wasn't gtting much response from women he messaged.............well hardly suprising as he just says

' hiya, how you doing if you fancy a chat heres my msn'

So once again I am helping a guy to get his profile right and coaching him in how to send messages. He gave me his password so that I could revamp his profile for him which I did on friday evening. This was quite easy to do with the little informtion I know about him. But the funny thing was when a woman tried to IM him, I thought it best not to pretend to be him. I could have had some fun with that but I am not that cruel.

Today is Mother's Day here. Last night ET asked me

'Mummy what time do you want breakfast in bed tomorrow?'

Well I had been up for about 2 hours before anyone else surfaced this morning. It is now midday and no sign of breakfast or even a cup of tea. I have though had two cards, a box of cadburys roses and two boxes of chocolate thins (which I have never tried before). Lucky boys all this choclate they have to eat and Easter still 3 weeks away. Oh and a Calendar wih cats and kittens on as I didn't get a new calendar this year. The card from ET has the following message written in it which I thought was quite sweet (well almost)

To My Mummy

Hope you have a good day and we are tres lucky to have you as our mum, and youa re lucky we put up with your shitty jokes

I had to laugh when I read that.

Last week I had found a bra that I liked when I was out shopping for once the had one in my size, they usually stop a size smaller than mine. It was only £4 a bargain!! so I bought it. wednesday I loosened the straps as you always have to do, and put this lovely black bra on. But although I got it on it did seem that the cups were rather small. So I took it off and looked at the lable. 34C no wonder it didn't fit. the hanger says 40D which is my size so there was no way that I could go to work in this thing, I was so disappointed as I really liked it and thought it would be good under my cerise sweater.


Anonymous said...

You are always so busy. Off to my mums later. Hope you're well bud


Pixie said...

romeo, eh?
do so hope it works for you. Good text message from him.
mothers day, got pampered by youngest and getting visit from eldest soon, so better got cook ready for him.

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

*GiGGLeS* I bet that guy will get heaps more attention after you fix up his profile :-)


That card is way cute! :-)xx

nitebyrd said...

Your son's sound great. Nice that they remember and are so sweet about Mother's Day.

Romeo sounds great as well! You're on a roll, Lady!

Emma said...

I am liking the sound of Romeo LiR - fingers crossed..xx

Ron said...

Happy Mothers Day, Lady!

As I'm sure you already in the US it's not until May...and VERY commercial!!! two sound like the next Romeo and Juliet!

(of course...MINUS the poison!)

Hope you had a wonderful day!

Waynecoff said...

hi there, how ru, nice to see you ok x, so did you get any nice treats for mothering sunday, ..xx

mothers day is what they call it in usa, mothering sunday is what we have always called, don't let them americanise you lady, xx

having my cake said...

That's really pretty - what a shame! I get sooooo cross when that happens and have to remind myself to check the actual garment before taking it to purchase but invariably one or two slip through the net per year because Im in too much of a rush and then require a return trip to the store where all the ones in the correct size will be gone :(

Vi said...

that card sounds like something 7yo would write to me when he gets older. lol!

Lady in red said...


I hope you and your mum had a lovely time.

Lady in red said...

Pixie I really hope it works although I do have reasons to think that in the long run it may not but I am enjoying the here and now.

Lady in red said...

VBF that is the idea, I ahve not spoken to him for a few days so I don't know how it is going, but I think he laso needs coaching in how to chat to women too.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd that was my younger boys. The eldest was away from thursday until the early hours of today. I doubt he even gave Mothering sunday a thought.

Lady in red said...

Emma I like the sound of him too and he has a wonderful voice, very commanding, but gentle. I have never met anyone with a similar voice.

Lady in red said...

Hello ron nice of you to stop by again. It was only when I began to make friends online about 6 or 7 years ago that I became aware that we celebrate mothers on different days over here to those of you over there.

I have never in all my life met anyone as romantic as my Romeo.

Lady in red said...

wayne we live in an ever decreasing world.

Lady in red said...

cake yes it was a shame but I doubt I shall bother to return it I shall probably ask DC's girlfriend if it would be any good for either her or her sister.

Lady in red said...

Vi you just have to love them don't you lol

DJ Kirkby said...

Oooh that bra is gorg, I am jealous! That card from your son made me giggle!

somebody said...