Tuesday, 25 March 2008

unexpected dilema

Ok guys I need your help.

During a delightful phonecall with Romeo this evening I made a confession.
He has known from the start that I write. Well if he hadn't figured that out by now from my emails he must be asleep. Anway I have been keeping my sexuality underwraps. I didn't want to scare him off. But the last few nights we have been very intimate in our texts, IMs and tonight's phone call. I confided that I write erotica...........possibly a stupid thing to do but we are both being honest we are both allowing each other behind the walls that we had both built up. Considering the subject of our conversation I felt it would be wrong to keep secrets and it was just a natural thing to tell him. So now my dilema.

He wants me to send him a small selection of my stories so that he can see how my mind works and what my secret fantasies are. He wants me to send him an early one and a later one plus one other. This is where you guys have to help me. He doesn't want me to give too much thought to what I want him to read. I mustn't sensor what he reads. So if you have any favourites from the ones that are found here in the side bar please let me know. If you have not read them before my stories are under the title ................Probably fantasy but can you be sure.

At the moment I am thinking perhaps working late, but I am not sure what else, should I let him read the very first one I love my kids but (otherwise known as January heat)

The more I chat to Romeo the more I like him. He is very different to other men I know, he is not only romantic but respectful too. He is away again at the moment and had been hoping to see me at the end of this week but things have gone pear shaped again. However he has made a note of my birthday and will do his very best to see me on that day if not before.


DJ Kirkby said...

Send him the very first two tha tyou thought of.

Casdok said...

Im with dj!

Anonymous said...

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Pixie said...

uumm, I think you should tell him you'll give him the stories yourself when you see him at your birthday.
It's good that your not hiding, but sex is so personal you won't be able to gauge his reaction if you send them now.
and you could take him at his word and just use the first, middle and latest one you wrote
without thinking about wht their content is.

Fat Controller said...

I'm with Pixie: Print them out and tie them with ribbon. Or better still, read them out to him.

If I absolutely had to choose then my personal choices would be 'A Walk In The Country Park' or, for it's sweet simplicity, 'You'.

Anonymous said...