Thursday, 6 March 2008

a brighter note

I got an excited text from OJ this morning.

He had just got his results for his mock As level exams

He got A for every one of his exams

He had the highest grade in his class for ICT

He was hoping for a B in ICT and Law but is well chuffed with straight A's

He is my little (not so little) star

This good news has come at just the right time.


Fat Controller said...

WoW! If you knew what I got for my A-levels (and I still got into uni!!) You must be really proud of him.

Lady in red said...

Fc he is now thinking about doing his maths degree as he has always planned then perhaps converting his degree and training to become a barrister no less.

whatever he does he will be the first member of my family to go to University although his eldest cousin went but I don't think he did much whilst there and I have no idea what he is doing now as I nolonger have contact with that side of the family.

Vi said...

FAB news!!! You must be so proud!

nitebyrd said...

What wonderful news, Lady! Congratulations, OJ! You ROCK!

Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

That's awesome! Congratulations! You must be very proud! xx

Anonymous said...