Monday, 24 March 2008


I'm going back to work for a rest tomorrow

Today was furniture move day.

I am not sure when or why I decided last week that I wanted to change my living room around. In the past (we have been in this house 11 years next month) we have moved the 3 seater sofa, we have moved the table at the end of the room but not this time.

this time I moved everything.
The TV is where the two seater sofa was.
The computer and drum kit are where the three seater sofa and small cabinet were.
The two seater sofa is at right angle to where the three seater sofa was making a barrier across The alcove where the computer now is.
The three seater sofa is now along the opposite wall to the two seater (where the computer , drum kit and filing cabinet were).
The filing cabinet and small wooden cabinet are where the TV was.
I have been shopping and made a trip to the tip at which time it began snowing and fitted in cooking a roast chicken for the boys.

I think after this I shall follow Pixie's example and have a soak in the bath.

This morning Romeo text me that he feels even closer to me after last nights two text sessions


Ron said...

Evening Lady!

ooooohhhh...don't you LOVE to rearrange things in the house? I do. It makes me feel like I have a whole new house!!

However, considering I live in a studio apartment, I can only move things in a circle...tee-hee!

I'm very jealous of your snow. Where I live, we've had ONE snow day!!?! I'm such a WINTER person and enjoy the weather it brings.

Oh, well...Global warming I guess!?

I also check out your post (2 down) and loved the photo's. How beautiful where you live!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed your soak in the tub!

Mel said...

*waving and visiting*

Ah for a bubble bath and a good soak.
With duckies, of course.
Had one myself last evening.

No furniture movin' though....hmmmmmm.....spring is the ideal time for that though!

nitebyrd said...

My furniture rearranges itself. Tile floors and 3 dogs tend to keep it slip-sliding around. LOL

Hope you enjoyed your bath. Romeo says very nice things.

Pixie said...

wishing and dreaming gets in the way of furniture moving, or maybe that was why....!!!

Lady in red said...

hello Ron I am jealous of your studio apartment it must be much easier to look after.

we didn't have much snow where I am but other places did.

thanks for visiting youa re welcome any time as you know.

Lady in red said...

Hi Mel thank you for visiting and waving.

I do love a good old soak in the tub it is so relaxing.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I think my furniture had taken root it has been in the same places for so long.

Romeo always says the nicest things.

Lady in red said...

Pixie I have to do something to fill the hours between conversations otherwise I would spend it wishing my life away ;-)

somebody said...