Thursday, 27 March 2008


After my panic attack last night I was just reading a few blogs before going to bed to read. Mmmm reading has been a love of mine since I was knee high to a grasshopper (oops I still am). But I have not done enough reading recently.

It was about 11.20pm and I was getting tired. I wasn't expecting to hear from Romeo as he had already emailed and text me earlier during a meeting.........very naughty (he said it was a good thing the other 7 people couldn't see his screen.) knowing that he was an hour ahead of us I assumed he would be in bed already.

So I was amazed when this window opened up flashing orange to tell me that 'my romeo' was online saying hello. We chatted, we talked about my stories he agreed not to read my first story but as we had talked about it I said he could if he wanted to. we discussed how my style has altered since I first began writing. Then he read the story that I had been panicking about. He was amazed at my imagination but liked my understanding of the male/female sexuality. we talked a lot considering that he was very tired by the time we finally said good night it was 12.45am for me so 1.45am for him.

By the way I began writing this post on thursday evening and now it is friday night/saturday morning.

On thursday morning I managed to leave my phone in my car until I realised when I had to phone OJ about parents evening at college. when I retrieved my phone I found a text from Romeo thanking me for our chat on wednesday night. Of course I replied that there was no need to thank me. It is nice that he does though. Thursday evening was quite busy for me with parents evning then having to take JA to and from the youth club he has recently joined with his new friends who all live in the village where this youth club is. In the summer he will be able to cycle there. He is growing up and becoming much more independant so quickly but he will always be my baby.

I had begun this post whilst he was at the YC. BUt when I got back from collecting him ET was using my computer for his homework. I think that is fr more important than what I was doing especially as his exams start ofter the holiday........OMG I just realised its only another week before they break up for two weeks!!! I am sure its next week as the friday after is my birthday and they will be home that week.

Anyway as I was saying I didn't get back online so went to bed as I was tired (so tired that I forgot to set my alarm and consequently overslept this morning). At about 11.45pm ET finished his work and left my room so I went online and found a message from Romeo saying that he was ' sorry I missed you tonight'

I didn't hear from him all day today. I wrote him an email telling him I had been having a grown up evening finally getting brave enough to check my credit report and doing things that will improve my situation. I then went on to say that I didn't know if I would hear from him as I don't seem to on fridays. But not long after sending my email he was online chatting. He hadn't yet read my email. It seems that he can't get enough of talking to me. Tonight though was a very different type of conversation. We had our first 'intelligent' conversation. It seems we have similar thoughts about government spin and other such topics. I really feel as though I have found my soul mate. Alas my poor Romeo couldn't chat for long tonight as he was very tired having been up since 5.30am and has a breakfast meeting tomorrow. I am worried that he will make himself ill working so hard for such a prolonged period.


katy said...

if i start reading blogs before i go to bed i just can't sleep!
your Romeo sounds wonderful

Casdok said...

Fingers crossed that he is your soul mate.

DJ Kirkby said...

Still laughing over your still knee high to a grasshopper statement. Funny! I'd love to be so tiny, I've always been a big awkward galumph.

Lady in red said...

Katy I do think he is wonderful

casdok so do I it has just felt right since the second email and the more we talk the closer we both feel.

dj I bet you can reach things on thetop shelf of the supermarket I can only buy yjings from the lower shelves. Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad if my weight suited my height.besides the pictures I ahve seen of yo I would nevre describe you as a galumph more of a statuesque beautiful woman

Miss Understood said...

I just wanted to stop by and say a huge thank you for the lovely and inspiring comment you left on my blog. I cannot even begin to imagine what you have been through with the cancer, but coming here and seeing you living life to the full as a survivor - and having a bloody good time doing it - just makes me feel all warm and happy inside. You go girl! Big hugs. xx

nitebyrd said...

Lady, it's nice you found a man that likes to talk about different things. Communication is so important in a relationship. You sound very happy which is very nice.

Mulder says his ass hurts from the kicking you gave him! LOL

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd the very first thing I said to Romeo was that I was looking for a man who can hold an intelligent conversation and has the sense of humour he would need with me around. It looks like I got my wish.

Lmao at mulder's kicking the question is did it make any differene?

Emma said...

It certainly all sounds good from all angles, I truly hope he is your soul mate..xx

Lady in red said...

emma he certainly makes me happy so far and he feels the same. he keeps telling me how much we have in common. It would be so easy to be overshadowed by him as he is a very successful business man the gulf between our lives is enormous yet he make me feel his equal I am totally at ease with him.

Anonymous said...