Wednesday, 27 February 2008

my penance

It felt really odd going to work today as I wore my jeans and a jumper and trainers. Normally I can be found in skirt, stockings and heels with a blouse or V necked sweater. I am convinced that today was my penance for a mistake I made last week. It wasn't but it is fun to think it was. I had to spend 3 hours, not the usual 5 minutes but three very weary hours in the deep freezer that is known by the name of our warehouse.When I applied for my current job my boss said that if I got the job she would want me to spend sometime in the warehouse in January so that I could learn the products at first hand. She wanted me to be shown around by Pete who is a senior 'picker'. But the warehouse manager thought he should do it. Boss didn't think this was a good idea as we would be messing around too much.

Last week Boss announced that I would get my training today wednesday with Reg the deputy warehouse manager. (that is what I called my penance) 3 hours with the most boring man, I now know how to pick an order (doh I think I could have done that without any training what so ever) and I could pack anything now. whatever size or shape (so long as it's not too heavy). All it takes is a lot of cardboard, parcel tape and rolls of industrial clingfilm. I know what should be packed inside other boxes and how to pack a set of brooms. What to do if I need to pack a single paste table or set of two tread steps. I know how to pack hazardous liquids and other fluids. I know all about increasing orders to pack sizes (very important that but you must remember not to increase by too many if it is something expensive!!). What I did not learn was anything about the products other than how to pack them. I do not know the difference between two brushes the same size or the different roller refills. Boss was not happy when she found out that they had not taught me about the products. So lucky me I get to spend more time down there on friday but this time with her.

Were you awake at 12.50am our time this morning? I was, I woke up from a pleasant dream to find that I had yet another sweet text wishing me sweet dreams. I have just checked and that text actually came through at 12.09am so it must have been a case of the earth moving for me that woke me. For anyone who doesn't know we had a very rare earthquake last night at approx 12.50. My Romeo is not in this country at the moment as he is away on business but even where he is he knew about the earthquake. He did ask me if I had felt it. I think I must have done but didn't realise at the time.

JVIP asked what constitutes romance to me...............does this answer your question.

sleep well, lets dream of each other and go to sleep holding each other

this was the last message I got from Romeo just a few minutes ago


Vi's Biggest Fan!!! said...

oooo you felt the earthquake too! How exciting! :-) I love earthquakes, I've experienced a few in NZ *GiGGLeS* And your Romeo is so sweet! :-) xx

nitebyrd said...

Lady, it sounds like you could train them! LOL

That's a VERY romantic text.

Fat Controller said...

Blimey! You felt it where you are? It's amazing it reached that far. However my sis in Exeter said they couldn't feel it down there.

Vi said...

oh romeo made the earth move for you then huh? How sweet!

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