Sunday, 23 March 2008


Today my family had a meal out in an Italian restaurant. It was a real education for my boys to try different dishes. The pasta and sea food were delicious but the desserts were devine.

I am not going to post our conversations very often but I thought I would share this one with you. I just enjoyed teasing Romeo so much.

hi, hope you are having a good Easter. Keep thinking of you and what I would like to do with you xxxxxxxx

It has been lovely but very cold. Have missed you. Talking of what you would like to do a question came into my mind earlier about something I have never done but would like to try with the right person. xxxxxxx

So you should be a writer, so tell meeeeeeeeeee, please xxxxxx

what do you mean I should be a writer? I have begun a new story by the way.

well done, what would you like to try? you can tell me about the story later.

Well it involves two people, they have to be able to trust each other particularly the one who it is happening to has to really trust their partner. I think I would enjoy either role.

so tell me all, it sounds very interesting

It was something I read yesterday that posed the question wouldn't you like to experience this. I thought about it and the answer was yes. Even if I found that once was enough. Do you enjoy being teased?

I adore it in every way, I hope you like physical teasing. so share so I may imagine the pleasure for both of us.

Teasing is a major part of it. It would be no good without teasing especially naked flesh. Teasing and trust are two of the main ingredients.

so what roles would we play, hmmm. Be bold and declare your intention bold and sexy temptress

Ah but I am enjoying teasing you from afar as it is the closest I can get to teasing you for real. don't spoil my fun and theres nothing stopping you from guessing. What would you like it to be?

I see pink silk gently holding you, so that you let go and be totally in the feelings as you come repeatedly to my wicked touch and to your delight

I hadn't envisaged the colour pink other than in relation to flesh but that sounds good to me. It seems we are on the same wave length ;-x

Yes playing both roles sounds fantastic. I can imagine you stretching and sighing during intense multiple orgasms. mmmmmmmm. alas I must go as about to go out for dinner. After this I shall be thinking of you writhing xxxxxxxxx

Was it cruel of me to tease him for so long?
Oh and things got much hotter after he returned from his meal.


Casdok said...

No!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I keep thinking about your text bill :-)

Lady in red said...

my text bill is fine thank you, as I am not texting other men as much as I was before, my phone bill has gone down lol

besides it was only 25 txt each yesterday and none for 2 days bfore that so it evens out in the end

but thank you for your concern.


nitebyrd said...

Nah, it wasn't cruel. It's like long distance foreplay! :)

Can you get a plan with unlimited texting? I pay $10.00 extra a month for unlimited in/out texting, it really keeps the bill down.

Lady in red said...

nitebyrd I have a bolt on that allows me 1000 text per month but as we also talk on the phone and email that helps we have also had some IM conversations which is good but I like the telephone calls best (not just because they cost me nothing but I love his voice)

I like the idea of long distance foreplay we have certainly indulged in some of that the last few nights ;-D

Anonymous said...