Wednesday, 26 March 2008


Boy do I wish I had been less impatient.

I had not long gone online this evening when I received an email from Romeo telling me how much he desires me. Without thinking I sent him January Heat aka I love my kids but (without the first part). I did check it over before sending it. But I was checking for spelling and grammatical mistakes. After I had sent it I saw Pixie's comment on my last post and realised what I had done. I then took the time to really read my story for the first time in ages. I can't believe that
a) I dreampt that up,
b) actually wrote it and
c) actually was foolish enough to send it.

I have tried a spot of damage limitation.
first I text him to let him know that I ahd just taken the time to read my story and couldn't believe I had dreampt it up let alone written it.
Secondly I have now emailed him asking him not to read it until I am with him and could perhaps read it to him. At FC's suggestion I have now sent him 'You' but first deleted the very last line. suggeting that this would give hima better picture of how my mind works. Fingers crossed that he will respect my wishes and not read January Heat yet. I trust him enough to believe that if I have asked him not to read it then he won't unless it was already too late. If he has read it then I hope he finds it very erotic and doesn't take it to heart. I hadn't realised until now just how obvious it is that this story was written with a particular lover in mind.

I just hope it doesn't put him off which was my reason for not telling him about my stories in the first place.


we have chatted online, he has not yet read the story I was panicking about but loves 'You'. We have talked about 'January Heat' so I think everything is fine. Damn!! he was reading it as we were chatting.

'I have read your banned story as we have been talking, wow, some imagination but also a profound insight into male female sexuality'

aww he is being so lovely and not the slightest bit judgemental just very encouraging.


RONJAZZ said...

I'm guessing that you are making, as the Bard says, "...much ado about nothing". If he's the man you think him to be, he will delight in the eroticism and in what you share. It is a meaningful part of you, honey. If he's not attracted to it, then he's not quite who you thought he was...and suddenly it all becomes about him. See what I mean?

Patience...this will all work itself out. You'll see...:)

Vi said...

I know you are cringing right now, but you are probably blowing things out of proportion. Dont worry too much!

Lady in red said...

thanks guys

It was just the initial panic after reading it again myself after a long time. I shocked myself.
I'm ok now really I am. I trust him to take it in the right way.

RONJAZZ said...

.....and now that he has done exactly that, enjoy your time with him, honey.

nitebyrd said...

He has and still sounds like a wonderful man!

Pixie said...

breathe woman breathe!!!!
oh, and get some sleep!!!!

Lady in red said...

Ron I certainly intend to.

nitebyrd I really do think he is a wonderfull man. my only gripe at this stage is that he seems to be a victim of his own success in the business world.

Pixie thanx again for being there. we finally said good night at 12.45am which was bad enough for me but he is an hour ahead!!!

having my cake said...

Lol. Dont you just hate those moments :) You can almost feel the colour draining out of your own face and the vomit forming at the pit of your stomach. Glad it all turned out ok x

Lady in red said...

Thanks cake if anything I think we are even closer now than we were before.

Anonymous said...